Halloween Raid 2009

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Halloween Raid 2009 is the 2009 edition of the Annual "Let's raid Second Life costume parties and break shit".


Possible Raiders

  • Buff Gaylord
  • Bags Of Fags
  • Tenri
  • Daniel
  • Spark Samashu
  • Helios (Maybe?)
  • Markus (maybe ;0 I can make it happen)

Possible Raid Zones

  • P0ndex
  • Everything listed as Party under Classifieds
  • Asahi Sandbox

The First Raid Day

We jacked off, whoops.

The Second Raid Day

We jacked off, whoops.

The Third Raid Day


The Fourth Raid Day


The Fifth Raid Day -- The Feminist Rally


[23:43]  Gabriella Meriman: YOU WILL STOP THAT TALK NOW
[23:43]  DanielDK1 Troglodite: IM A BIG GAY BABY
[23:43]  Gabriella Meriman: you stop that nigga shit in open chat
[23:43]  Gabriella Meriman: now
[23:43]  Gabriella Meriman: or you will be ejected
[23:43]  DanielDK1 Troglodite: CHANGE MY DIAPER
[23:43]  Gabriella Meriman: this is your only warning
[23:43]  Gabriella Meriman: daniel one more time and you are out
[23:44]  DanielDK1 Troglodite: NIGGA SPIC WETBACK WOOOOOAHHH
[23:44]  DanielDK1 Troglodite: RANGER CHANGE MY DIAPER

-- Instant message logging enabled --
[2:08]  Rails Bailey: is that correct
[2:08]  Rails Bailey: and how do u know that
[2:08]  Musmirflx Marioman: Ok, check it
[2:09]  Rails Bailey: so ur a furry hater
[2:09]  Musmirflx Marioman: The twin towers were hit and guess where the furries were?
[2:09]  Musmirflx Marioman: Anthrocon in NYC
[2:09]  Musmirflx Marioman: Plotting 9/11
[2:09]  Rails Bailey: ya know the basis for burning man
[2:09]  Musmirflx Marioman: I was there
[2:10]  Rails Bailey: what wearing a furry suit
[2:10]  Musmirflx Marioman: Yes
[2:10]  Musmirflx Marioman: I saw the evil that my brothers and sisters did
[2:10]  Musmirflx Marioman: and I stopped being a furry
[2:10]  Musmirflx Marioman: I burned my collection of fursuits and furry porn
[2:11]  Rails Bailey: so your gay then
[2:11]  Musmirflx Marioman: LOL
[2:11]  Musmirflx Marioman: You have to be gay to be a furry?
[2:11]  Rails Bailey: using ur definitions of furries are fags
[2:11]  Musmirflx Marioman: No, that's 4chan's definition
[2:11]  Musmirflx Marioman: Don't get me mixed up with a leaderless group
[2:11]  Musmirflx Marioman: I saw it with my own two eyes
[2:11]  Rails Bailey: oh so ur in a gang
[2:11]  Musmirflx Marioman: No
[2:11]  Musmirflx Marioman: Lone Wolf
[2:11]  Musmirflx Marioman: Yiffy Wolf
[2:12]  Rails Bailey: well lone wolf, the lass behind you would very much appreciate it if you would be a nice lone wolf and let folks have fun
[2:12]  Musmirflx Marioman: I could of prevented 9/11
[2:12]  Rails Bailey: no one could have prevented that
[2:13]  Musmirflx Marioman: You're right, Furries are stubborn creatures
[2:13]  Musmirflx Marioman: They want something, they get it
[2:13]  Musmirflx Marioman: They are asking for rights, but why would Animal fuckers get rights?
[2:13]  Musmirflx Marioman: Give Rights to Terrorists
[2:13]  Rails Bailey: u said ur a yiffy wolf doesnt that make u a nimal fucker then
[2:14]  Musmirflx Marioman: Not anymore.
[2:14]  Musmirflx Marioman: I skinned my sursuit
[2:14]  Musmirflx Marioman: I am pure skin

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