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Developer(s) Dethklan Games
Platform(s) PC Games
Release Date(s) Beta June 24, 2010 \ Out-of-Beta: October 22, 2011
Genre First-Person Shooter

Half-Screwed is a wonderful mess created by Buff Drinklots off and on for 4 years. To be honest, it hasnt taken him 4 years, the mod collected dust for 2 and then for 2 more.


Gordon Freeman is cruising through Half-Life, oh whoops, he is in a gmod ragdoll random video world and is trapped! Oh No! Will Freeman survive? Will he get it? I am not sure, yes.

Hello, I am new to Second Life, he says as he tries to survive this wonderful world. - Jackson, 2004 BC

Summary and Mission of the Mod

This mod is a Tribute to Hammy, Jaykin bacon, Various Video Games and the fact that you can make a mod fun without super-serious modern warfare guns or zombies. Half-Screwed is a Half-life Modification where the tense serious multiplayer action is blown away with weird weapons and other great wonderful things. Instead of a handgun and dangerous explosives, you can throw dosh at your opponents. Or have your first Tripmine with Fishter Price's TripMine all set up and ready to use. The possibilities are endless and the sky's the limit.

Voice Actors

  • Scientists - Buff Drinklots, Spark, Daniel, Helios and Nep
  • Barney - Jonny
  • Barnicle - Pizza Rolls Guy
  • Headcrab - Mario
  • Zombie - Redeads
  • Houndeye - Nicolas Cage
  • Turret - Tenchu Guard
  • Alien Slaves - Tommy Wiseau
  • "x" - Uillillillillillia

Screenshots (2010)