DinnerJacket Tophat

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DinnerJacket Tophat
Pic before death
Alternative Names: Red Ranger
Born: January 29, 2011
Died: March 06, 2011
Country: Japan
Associations: Dethklan

DinnerJacket Tophat wanted to be a Broadway actor and the Lindens gave him his reward in a good ole Ban. RIP. Distant-Brother of Giygas Static.

Early Life

DinnerJacket came out of the womb knowing he was destined for great things before his untimely death. At Age 1, he knew how to sing!

Later Life

He fucked around until one day he went to a poetic place.


He died.


Many cries and tears can still be heard in youtube videos to come. RIP Jacket-Top-Hat-Top Whatever your name is.