Chronicles of Dethklan

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The Chronicles of Dethklan raid is a raid on SL, revisting big places. This raid is open to all and if you wanna join, holla. In this raid, it's to remember the ones who have fallen in the The Tragic Day for Dethklan. In spirit, Second Life will get a rude awakening from hell. In our hearts, we scream "Remember, Remember the 2nd rise of Dethklan". also 9/11

Allies of War

  • Gaben Mode - Fat Programmer
  • Rosemary Smithson - Local Hooker/Bitchazz
  • Bryce Tryce - The motherfucking Sheriff
  • Tyrome Chrome - Dolla Holda of War
  • Baron Wandsworth - The Baron

Axis of War

  • WilliamD Bracken - IRREFUTABLELY CLUB OWNER OF "Muddy's"
  • Yiffer Mighty - The furry that always steals our L but doesn't actually exist.
  • PaintHorse Graysmark - Obviously Painthouse Gaysmark
  • Bridget Hammill - The Sim Owner for Muddy's
  • Arthur Fermi - His eyes sees all but the hud is a blind spot.
  • Whiteberry - That fucking petite little thing.

Locations of War

  • Eduisland 2 - Squat of War.
  • Waseda Group - Backup Squat of War.
  • Medieval Island(?) - That one medieval RP sim near Eduisland 2.
  • Muddy's - That fucking Club.
  • Fermi - Arthur Fermi is dead.
  • Bailers - I always hit it up every Halloween, why the hell not?
  • Hentai High - Crack Age Verification, run in there, blow it to hell.
  • Furnation Hell - Level 7, the final stage, the final boss.

Completed Achievements

  • YOUR JIGASS: Make WilliamD think everyone is Giygas
  • IRREFUTABLE: Get WilliamD mad.
  • LOLOLOLOL: Make WilliamD Go bonkers
  • PAINT HOUSE: PaintHorse witnesses the raidings and inevitibly gets dragged in