War is Hell

This raid started out pretty standard. Today we have BagOfGlass, I and our new member Ross. We were attacking a few different servers so we were at 2 places in different times. What we did is go onto the server spawn explosive barrels and talk about how War is Hell as the server lags from all of the explosions.

We would target people, bases, contraptions and anything flammable. So we geared up and went onto battlefield gm_construct.

First we started with Duplications of 3-5 barrels all welded together to spawn and spam 5 barrels each click. Once we hit the prop limit, we let the bullets go flying onto the barrels to make them start a chain reaction and they all explode all around.

First server, I keptsaying WAR IS HELL as I am sailing through with noclip and I place barrels everywhere. Count that with BagOfGlass’ and Ross’ and you got 3x 5 barrels per 0.25 seconds. That’s about 60 barrels being thrown around per second. Heavy lag and many peopel were gathering around the barrels to witness it being exploded.

BagofGlass kept being killed by his own Barrels and still pulled out like a trooper. Ross was noclipping throwing barrels around and so was I.

This all happened until a guy named J-A-C-K had his 357 handy and fought back by shooting us dead. He camped in one of the corners of the map and I hid and waited until he was occupied so I could sneak-spawn some barrels his way.

I looked up and he was reloading. I yelled on mic CHHHHHHHHHHARGE and ran down rapid-shooting my barrels down to where he was. He finished reloading to look up and seeing a brave trooper and the metal being stacked on his base for ultimate destruction. He saw my character bouncing around and shot to kill me. Yet, it was too late and one of the barrels were on fire.

Any person defending his base would bail out when the going gets tough, like now. No J-A-C-K went down with his base and blew to Smithereens. What a fucking trooper.

Now, this went on for at least 5 minutes. BagofGlass disconnected for reasons unknown, Ross made a cannon that shot explosives dead on and I was still charging like a trooper. Everything was fine until someone stepped in… the admin. He was pretty much blind of what was happening in the corner because he ragdolled Ross for “shooting” that took place ages ago.

I thought to myself “lol what” and picked up my dear old friend and ran into the white room screaming “I GOT YOU MAN, WE WILL MAKE IT!” The admin didn’t follow us. He soon got unragdolled. J-A-C-K asked for a minute to make his base so I agreed…

We waited and planned a bit until time was nearly up. I counted down from 3. Whent he minute was finally up, “GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!!” and we rushed J-A-C-K’s fort once more. He put up a dumb roof and I still got through. Ross was manning his cannon until we got banned for 5 minutes.

What a battle, we won it but NOT THE WAR!

Later we went into Server #2. There was already something happening, apparently some guy trapped some guy’s boat in a dumpster and he was butthurt. Ross and I hid and waited for the right time to strike. The guy’s dumpster disappeared but he respawned it and trapped it again. The guy bitched so much that the guy he wanted out timed out because his internet was like “fuck it” and quit.

That’s when we struck. We shot into noclip mode and went to where this dumb boat was and spawned shitloads of barrels around. We shot them and ran away real fast. Barrels blew up and whoever owned the boat got in it spotted us and shot his gay turrey at us.

We were under heavy fire and hid until the firing stopped. Once it did we noclipped again and aimed at the boat to blow it up. The guy got pissed and left, his boat disappeared and there was one guy left. That fight was over until we needed to blow more shit up.

The guy was planning Dumpsters to throw upon us so we’d be trapped. His plan fails because we have noclip. Yet, we fought against him. He used his dumpsters as shields and also a way to push us and the barrels. We got him about 3 times until he got pissed and left. But before he left, someone else joined but was aware of us.

When he left, the guy still on already build a base and hid underwater. Our only weakness to the barrels… water. So we waited until he came back from the depths of the water to rush and explode him. He ran back into the water to hide.

The guy who left came back. We got our barrels ready and we threw at him rushed at him until………….

My computer crashed.

Well, damn, till next time folks.

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