TSRP: Welcome back to TSRP, Whoops! Time to go!

Guess who dropped by TSRP earlier? Gay Glenn! He is gayer than ever and he is back! So to congradulate his rebirth and/or return, he hits up Lynx RP and they are not too happy as we all are.

* Andy Dickens changed name to Gay Glenn
Gay Glenn says, “Ooc im gay.”
Gay Glenn: (( Im gay ))
Boris Wilbur: (( lol?? ))
Dr. Aleksandr Petrav: (( do we care? ))
Gay Glenn: (( very gay thats me yes-sir-ree ))
Tom Stall: (( And a banned faggot ))
Tom Stall: (( See ya faggot ))
Mendozah Jackson: (( “welcome gay glenn, head to the bar you’ll fit right in, theres loads of men, thick and thin, you wont know
Gay Glenn: (( Tom made a funny ))
Gay Glenn: (( im gay ))
Tom Stall: (( OFc ))
Gay Glenn: (( wheres my gothclub3 in da gay bar ))
Ban Information
Name: Gay Glenn
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:3793395
Reason: 9999
Ban Length: 2634 days, 7 hours, 15 minutes
Unban Time: 9:29:05 6/24/2017
Admin Name: Boris Wilbur
Admin SteamID: STEAM_0:1:13270916

Lynx RP, see your ass in 2017, Gay Glenn it all the way.

BTW, I am suprised TSRP is still alive, but yoroshiku, TSRP, it’s been a while.

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