The Trumpet and the Hitman

It’s been awhile since Mecklenburg has seen the likes of Gay Glenn, but we had to lay low for special reasons. The Dickens had a family reunion in Ultimate Gaming Classic RP, in which they apparently employ over 10 police officers per day.

The raid started off with just Buff playing the piano on the mic and him getting banned for 5 mins. I layed low while everyone was proud of the admin for banning Andy Dickens for 5 mins. I hung out in the PD while Buff got back in as “Adny Dackens” and the server didn’t suspect a thing.

Then, out of nowhere, someone started counting ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE on the microphone. The server was generally confused until the trumpets started blazing in and the server had an outcry of “OH NO ITS ANDY DICKENS”

They then banned Adny Dackens for 20 mins, and everyone gave the admin another pat on the back. At this point, however, Helios had joined the rade as Paul Simmons. I asked the admins for a jawb, but they didn’t give it to me because the admin kept going AFK because he was searching google for the trumpet sound.

Then I finally got my job as a Hitman, and Andy Dickens had returned at last to play the trumpet for us all. The admin had left entirely and it was simply me, Helios, and Buff on a server with 50 police men.

I ran around the server spamming “((HIT ACCEPTED))”

At first all I did was walk around aimlessly, but eventually I learned to beat the shit out of people. Being a hitman gave me a free excuse to DM people, so I spammed “((HIT ACCEPTED))” and beat the shit out of everybody that I saw.

Meanwhile, Helios got jailed for punching me because my hit was accepted and Buff was still counting off ONE, TWO, THREE, BUM BUM BUM BEEEEEEEEEEEEEE BOW!

An admin came back and finally started to catch on to my clever scheme. I went around accepting hits from everybody and I beat the shit out of everybody that I saw, especially the cops. They kept trying to jail me but my hits were accepted so they couldn’t do anything but listen to trumpets.

Finally, the admin banned me even though my hits were accepted. I tried to explain to him that I’m a hitman, but I was too busy accepting hits and beating the shit out of mingebags to care. Plus the trumpets were fucking awesome.

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