The Gametrash Family 1

This is the story of three guys who live in the internet.

Left to right: Spark Gametrash, Helios Gametrash, and Buff Gametrash.

So one day these guys decide to live together for some reason. Not the gay reason. Kinda like the “Let”s share the money and buy a big house then buy some hooker to clean it” idea except after they buy the house they run out of money and end up buying “Carilla”, a 52 year old mexican housewife to clean the s*** off the toilet instead of a hooker. But it”s all good.

So this is their house. It”s got trees, water, two chimneys, plasma screen TVs, computers, a sauna, a library, a workout room, and even two bathrooms placed near each other so people can share the same water line but it”s not gay.

The guys get on the computer. Spark is playing some endless MMORPG that he obsesses over the look of his character and his popularity on it. Helios is just plain out jacking off. Buff”s computer crashed.

Spark is designated the manbitch, and proceeds to make cereal. Helios makes crude remarks about the cereal. He wanted eggs.

The majority of Spark”s day is spent peeing. He peed so much the yellow turned to red and he passed out for a while. Helios and Buff knew about it but didn”t help because who the hell wants to touch Spark”s dick? I rest my case.

The majority of Helios”s day was spent practicing his O-face.

Buff had sweet, sweet dreams about Helios.

Then he got scared because that”s really really gay so he watched some TV. He”s actually proved you can wank to the X-files.

Buff breaks the computer. That leaves us to two valuable porno machines as he tries to “Fix” it. People knowing the real Buff know this is a daily occurance (“I just reformatted my computer for the 5,003,210th time today and it”s running GREAT”)

Spark lectures Buff on the importance of not-breaking-the-mother-f***ing-computer.

Buff ”splodes as he tries to fix the computer. Spark eventually fixes it, but not before Buff is burnt to a nice, silicon-smelling crisp. He was never allowed to touch someone else”s computer ever again.

After that, they made up and made Grilled Cheese sandwiches. Note: My character wasn”t around for this faggotry, he was working as a politician.

And at the end of the day, hardworking… me decided to chat with the womens, just like in real life, while everyone else slept. This had nothing to do with who they would find out their neigbors were……

Stay tuned to this website for more of this stupid childish Sims bulls***!

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