Good Game, Stutter Gut

[8:48:59 PM] エヴァンゲリオンー男: [2010/02/10 21:02]  Acrila Fairymeadow: I hate to spam everyone but quick question, what happened to the LF otters? [2010/02/10 21:02]  Marcco Zanzibar: Went south for the winter [2010/02/10 21:02]  Damien Avedon: Dunno.  Try Search; Avatars… Read More

Second Life: Tale of a Lonely Mute Indian

A lonely mute Indian tries to find true love without being able to speak. Let’s watch as our hero tries to overcome the impossible and all odds to get their attention.

Internet Mutiny: YouTube Treasures

Gay pokemon Nosepass-Propobass The first in what is destined to be an informative and enlightening series of youtube videos. Duel canvas painting, OC, SPANGBAB The making of a masterpiece. CAD Tribute 2 If you weren’t aware, popular webcomic… Read More

Dethklan SOLD!

Dethklan was today sold to China for an unenclosed amount. China now has submitted to the news a video to announce the sale. Video:

The Anti-DMing Squad vs Gay Glenns (1st Year Extravaganza Raid)

This was a 2-man raid containing myself and Buff. We logged onto PIRATES TSRP to see 22+ people ready to be buttfucked by Gay Glenn. We began the raid like we usually do by running around and laying… Read More