Good Game, Stutter Gut

March 4th, 2010 by Daniel

[8:48:59 PM] エヴァンゲリオンー男: [2010/02/10 21:02]  Acrila Fairymeadow: I hate to spam everyone but quick question, what happened to the LF otters?
[2010/02/10 21:02]  Marcco Zanzibar: Went south for the winter
[2010/02/10 21:02]  Damien Avedon: Dunno.  Try Search; Avatars
[2010/02/10 21:02]  Misery Moonlight: t…they is still available in Lost Furest
[2010/02/10 21:02]  Leantra Anatra: talk to the creator
[2010/02/10 21:02]  Pantsu Toxx: is this a furry sandbox?
[2010/02/10 21:03]  Damien Avedon: Listen to Misery…she knows/…
[2010/02/10 21:03]  Misery Moonlight: t…there is a sandbox in the sim
[2010/02/10 21:03]  Damien Avedon: Big ‘un, too
[2010/02/10 21:03]  Pantsu Toxx: yea is it a furry sim?
[2010/02/10 21:03]  Damien Avedon: Uhh, yeah…
[2010/02/10 21:03]  Misery Moonlight: a…all is welcomes here ^.^
[2010/02/10 21:03]  vania Arashi: D: i still dont have my update lol
[2010/02/10 21:04]  Misery Moonlight: j…just nu weapons please ^.^
[2010/02/10 21:05]  Pantsu Toxx: |
[2010/02/10 21:06]  Anastasia Frostbite: bring a weapon in and misery bops you on the head with a big cartoon mallet
[2010/02/10 21:06]  Anastasia Frostbite: lol
[2010/02/10 21:07]  Misery Moonlight: *blushes
[2010/02/10 21:07]  Pantsu Toxx: I hate to leave a group I paid for
[2010/02/10 21:07]  Wednesday Orellana: But…. she said no weapons… XP
[2010/02/10 21:08]  Anastasia Frostbite: um, why would you want to leave?
[2010/02/10 21:08]  Misery Moonlight: i…i woulds hate to eject, ban  anyone s..sos please remember the sim rules ^.^
[2010/02/10 21:08]  Demeter Lane: That includes wiimotes 😀
[2010/02/10 21:08]  Demeter Lane: Hehe
[2010/02/10 21:08]  Marcco Zanzibar: I WANAN LEAVE
[2010/02/10 21:08]  Marcco Zanzibar: LOOKA T YOUR FUCKING PROFILE
[2010/02/10 21:08]  Marcco Zanzibar: FUCKING HUSKY
[2010/02/10 21:09]  Marcco Zanzibar: WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT??
[2010/02/10 21:09]  Demeter Lane: Woah.
[2010/02/10 21:09]  Misery Moonlight: b…be nice
[2010/02/10 21:09]  Anastasia Frostbite: O_O
[2010/02/10 21:09]  Marcco Zanzibar: what am I in?!
[2010/02/10 21:09]  Wednesday Orellana: Who Marcco?
[2010/02/10 21:09]  Marcco Zanzibar: I have no friends!
[2010/02/10 21:09]  Wednesday Orellana: <_<
[2010/02/10 21:09]  Pantsu Toxx: Not here at least
[2010/02/10 21:09]  Pantsu Toxx: oooh
[2010/02/10 21:09]  Misery Moonlight: m..maybe if you  be nice will
[2010/02/10 21:09]  Marcco Zanzibar: Wednesday is looking at Tuesday LOL
[2010/02/10 21:09]  Pantsu Toxx: Virtual sutter lol
[2010/02/10 21:09]  Pantsu Toxx: stutter*
[2010/02/10 21:10]  Marcco Zanzibar: shes timid
[2010/02/10 21:10]  Marcco Zanzibar: she wants my bod
[2010/02/10 21:10]  Demeter Lane eyerolls and closes the chat.
[2010/02/10 21:10]  Marcco Zanzibar: *applies axe*
[2010/02/10 21:10]  Pantsu Toxx: oh
[2010/02/10 21:10]  Marcco Zanzibar: LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLadies
[2010/02/10 21:10]  Anastasia Frostbite: um i think those comments are getting very inapropriate
[2010/02/10 21:10]  Wednesday Orellana: VERY….
[2010/02/10 21:11]  Marcco Zanzibar: How big is my fucking cock? 6 inches
[2010/02/10 21:11]  Misery Moonlight: o…okies lets not turn this into a chatroom group, i…is for questions about the avies here a…and the sandbox issues
[2010/02/10 21:11]  Wednesday Orellana: By the way, get better jokes about my name… please.
[2010/02/10 21:11]  Wednesday Orellana: Wow. You must be… saddened by your short cummings…
[2010/02/10 21:11]  Marcco Zanzibar: I jack my 8×7 meat
[2010/02/10 21:11]  Marcco Zanzibar: cum all over the Hulk in a mirror
[2010/02/10 21:12]  Marcco Zanzibar: Dont fucking eject me
[2010/02/10 21:12]  Pantsu Toxx: i thought it was kinda funny :/
[2010/02/10 21:12]  Wednesday Orellana: Then stop
[2010/02/10 21:12]  Marcco Zanzibar: ok
[2010/02/10 21:13]  Misery Moonlight: t…there is a group for chat, b..but this isn’t it okies?
[2010/02/10 21:13]  Laurana Aridian: you will be banned from all the Lost Furest sims if you keep this shit up Marcco…
[2010/02/10 21:13]  Marcco Zanzibar: Misery *kisses her lips*
[2010/02/10 21:13]  Marcco Zanzibar: im bi
[2010/02/10 21:14]  BONK Core: im bonk
[2010/02/10 21:16]  Marcco Zanzibar: You aint scout
[2010/02/10 21:16]  Marcco Zanzibar: get out
[2010/02/10 21:17]  BONK Core: who said i was scout? D:
[2010/02/10 21:17]  Pantsu Toxx: you’re scout?
[2010/02/10 21:17]  Laurana Aridian: Keep up this conversation and I will bann you from the sim
[2010/02/10 21:18]  Laurana Aridian: Want to try me?
[2010/02/10 21:18]  Pantsu Toxx: me D:?
[2010/02/10 21:18]  Marcco Zanzibar: Fuck off cunt, you are the only one getting mad here, I was making a fuckign joke you stupid gook.
[2010/02/10 21:19]  Pantsu Toxx: oh him
[2010/02/10 21:19]  Marcco Zanzibar: What a cunt
[2010/02/10 21:19]  Marcco Zanzibar: What a giant fucking cunt
[2010/02/10 21:19]  Marcco Zanzibar: what the fuck is stuck up your ass a couple tape worms?
[2010/02/10 21:22]  Miir Watanabe: 3
[2010/02/10 21:23]  Laurana Aridian: Not so noisey are you now that youre banned Marcco
[2010/02/10 21:23]  Wednesday Orellana: LOL
[2010/02/10 21:23]  Marcco Zanzibar: oh man
[2010/02/10 21:24]  Misery Moonlight: t…tolds you to stop
[2010/02/10 21:24]  Marcco Zanzibar: Laurana can’t take a joke at all
[2010/02/10 21:24]  Veruca Setsuko: Seems to lack a brain to process the meaning of the word “Stop”
[2010/02/10 21:24]  Marcco Zanzibar: Misery help me out here, where’s this Death Metal dude?
[2010/02/10 21:24]  Laurana Aridian: its not my job to listen to douche bags
[2010/02/10 21:25]  Marcco Zanzibar: Yes it is
[2010/02/10 21:25]  Misery Moonlight: was warned, a…and  i can’t do anythingie about it
[2010/02/10 21:25]  Marcco Zanzibar: What else do Admins do other than suck dick?
[2010/02/10 21:25]  Veruca Setsuko: Ban assholes like you that’s what.
[2010/02/10 21:25]  Marcco Zanzibar: Thats all
[2010/02/10 21:25]  Marcco Zanzibar: Admins can do
[2010/02/10 21:25]  Morgan Takashi: right..mute.
[2010/02/10 21:25]  Misery Moonlight: s…sees that is not very nice a..and is why you was banned
[2010/02/10 21:25]  Sushi Nirpaw: Holy crap you are all retards stfu and play the game like normal people.
[2010/02/10 21:25]  Marcco Zanzibar: Misery stop fucking talking like an autistic
[2010/02/10 21:25]  Marcco Zanzibar: Oh wait
[2010/02/10 21:25]  Marcco Zanzibar: YOU ARE AUTISTIC
[2010/02/10 21:25]  Marcco Zanzibar: every furry is
[2010/02/10 21:25]  Marcco Zanzibar: forgot
[2010/02/10 21:25]  Veruca Setsuko hugs Misery
[2010/02/10 21:25]  Kitsuneko Foxclaw: …
[2010/02/10 21:26]  Wednesday Orellana: /mr rolls eyes
[2010/02/10 21:26]  Marcco Zanzibar: my dick is out
[2010/02/10 21:26]  Misery Moonlight: t…then go away Marcco since you dun’t likes any of us
[2010/02/10 21:26]  Pantsu Toxx: an attack on one furry is an attack on all :3
[2010/02/10 21:26]  Marcco Zanzibar: I do
[2010/02/10 21:26]  Marcco Zanzibar: I love you Misery~
[2010/02/10 21:26]  Veruca Setsuko: Misery is so cute when she stutters. <3
[2010/02/10 21:26]  Aeslynn Kavka: Obvious troll is obvious.   Mute and stop feeding it, please.
[2010/02/10 21:26]  Marcco Zanzibar: She is a ra-tard
[2010/02/10 21:26]  Marcco Zanzibar: OH MAN
[2010/02/10 21:26]  Marcco Zanzibar: MUTED LOL
[2010/02/10 21:26]  Marcco Zanzibar: keep em coming
[2010/02/10 21:27]  Misery Moonlight: c…close the chat, h…he is out of the group a..and banned from the sim everyone, s…sorries
[2010/02/10 21:27]  Marcco Zanzibar: No im not
[2010/02/10 21:27]  Pantsu Toxx: lol
[2010/02/10 21:28]  Misery Moonlight: y..yus you is, a..and as soon as  the chat is closed, is gone for good
[2010/02/10 21:28]  Marcco Zanzibar: no I wont
[2010/02/10 21:29]  Marcco Zanzibar: s… stop s… ucking a d… deep dick, c… chris-chan
[2010/02/10 21:29]  Kiku Violet: O .o
[2010/02/10 21:29]  Shadowdragonfox Guter: o0
[2010/02/10 21:29]  Pantsu Toxx: OPFSodo
[2010/02/10 21:30]  Marcco Zanzibar: Wanna see my dick?
[2010/02/10 21:30]  Shadowdragonfox Guter: mmmm no
[2010/02/10 21:30]  Kiku Violet: …..
[2010/02/10 21:30]  Pantsu Toxx: ….
[2010/02/10 21:30]  Marcco Zanzibar: No one left
[2010/02/10 21:30]  Marcco Zanzibar: gg stutter gut
[2010/02/10 21:30]  Misery Moonlight: d…dun’t feeds him, just stop talking a..and he will go away s…since he is a child
[2010/02/10 21:31]  Marcco Zanzibar: t… Junor
[2010/02/10 21:32]  Anastasia Frostbite: closing chat
[2010/02/10 21:32]  Marcco Zanzibar: who cares
[2010/02/10 21:32]  Pantsu Toxx: k
[2010/02/10 21:32]  Marcco Zanzibar: spook
[2010/02/10 21:32]  Kiku Violet: let him get his kicks
[2010/02/10 21:32]  Marcco Zanzibar: OH MAN
[2010/02/10 21:32]  Marcco Zanzibar: WE WILL GET THE LAST LAUGH WHEN WE BAN HIM
[2010/02/10 21:32]  Marcco Zanzibar: I AM SO FUCKING AWESOME BECAUSE IMMA GET HIM BANNED
[2010/02/10 21:32]  Kiku Violet: dude your getting yourself banned
[2010/02/10 21:33]  Marcco Zanzibar: LOOK AT MY DICK SPROUT OUT CUM FROM ALL SIDES
[2010/02/10 21:33]  Pantsu Toxx: he is banned
[2010/02/10 21:33]  Marcco Zanzibar: I dont care nigger
[2010/02/10 21:33]  Kiku Violet: …. wow
[2010/02/10 21:33]  Pantsu Toxx: it only registers when he closes the window because LL are lazy fucks
[2010/02/10 21:33]  Kiku Violet: someone got his emo panties in a bunch
[2010/02/10 21:34]  Misery Moonlight: h…he is just doing this  f…for attention, the  less you feeds him t…the more bored he will gets a..and go away
[2010/02/10 21:43]  Marcco Zanzibar: Guess who’s back int he mothafucking house?
[2010/02/10 21:48]  Marcco Zanzibar: Sup guys
[2010/02/10 21:48]  Marcco Zanzibar: Just ordered my pocket pussy
[2010/02/10 21:48]  Seragon Python: cool story bro
[2010/02/10 21:48]  Marcco Zanzibar: Im trying to talk
[2010/02/10 21:48]  Seragon Python: will read again
[2010/02/10 21:49]  Marcco Zanzibar: Furries are fun loving creatures guess not
[2010/02/10 21:49]  Marcco Zanzibar: Torley Linden is a nigger
[2010/02/10 21:49]  Seragon Python: <:3
[2010/02/10 21:49]  Spinnaz Dawg: Too busy playing Bioshock 2 to care about anything around me.
[2010/02/10 21:49]  Seragon Python: o.=.o
[2010/02/10 21:50]  Marcco Zanzibar: change my diaper, Ranger
[2010/02/10 21:50]  Marcco Zanzibar: change my diaper, Ranger
[2010/02/10 21:50]  Marcco Zanzibar: change my diaper, Ranger
[2010/02/10 21:50]  Marcco Zanzibar: Ever since I was a young boy I played the silver ball

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Second Life: Tale of a Lonely Mute Indian

October 28th, 2008 by Buff Drinklots

A lonely mute Indian tries to find true love without being able to speak. Let’s watch as our hero tries to overcome the impossible and all odds to get their attention.

Internet Mutiny: YouTube Treasures

May 18th, 2008 by DavidRyder

Gay pokemon Nosepass-Propobass

The first in what is destined to be an informative and enlightening series of youtube videos.

Duel canvas painting, OC, SPANGBAB

The making of a masterpiece.

CAD Tribute 2

If you weren’t aware, popular webcomic Ctrl+Alt+Delete has an animated series that’s several times worse than most of the lowest rated animations on NewGrounds. Here’s a YouTube Poop for it.

Undimmed by Anime Tears

I’m going to end this post with something a bit more serious than the last few videos. Be warned, this is a very upsetting video. I’m man enough to admit that I shed a tear right along with Goku and the others. However, it’s comforting to know that our favorite characters were right there with us on that day. Never Forget.

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Dethklan SOLD!

April 1st, 2008 by Buff Drinklots

Dethklan was today sold to China for an unenclosed amount. China now has submitted to the news a video to announce the sale. Video:

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The Anti-DMing Squad vs Gay Glenns (1st Year Extravaganza Raid)

March 16th, 2008 by Daniel

This was a 2-man raid containing myself and Buff. We logged onto PIRATES TSRP to see 22+ people ready to be buttfucked by Gay Glenn.

We began the raid like we usually do by running around and laying low, trying to get a feel for how the server is run and to see if there were any admins on so we wouldn’t get banned. To our fantastic surprise, there were no admins on. This is when we seized the moment to begin the raid.

There were 3 known DMers running around Mecklenburg: T P Wizzle, Paco Sanchez, and some other faggot that nobody cares about. The server was in a huff when they were going around DMing and so the Senior Officer got a warrant for their arrest and the whole server began to gang up on them. We blended in to the crowd by running around and DMing any DMers we came by. The server was unphased because they thought we were helping, they thought we were part of the Prepubescent Anti-DM Squad.

Two of the three DMers left and the server began to celebrate. Several people went into the 1337 tower elevator including myself and Buff. We were gonna go to the roof and celebrate our victory. Four people entered the 1337 tower elevator including myself and Buff. As soon as the door closed, the only noises you could hear were the sounds of people getting the shit beat out of them. As the elevator arrived at its destination, the doors opened and gun shots began to fly out of nowhere. The people in the elevator got out as fast as they could with the exception of one person, who I promptly beat the shit out of.

The server had a temporary crash, but only for about 10 seconds. We got back on the server and the people involved in the 1337 Tower elevator massacre hadn’t begun to care about the incident. We all retried our efforts to get to the top of the 1337 tower to have a fuckin’ hoot and holler contest. 4 People got into the elevator again, except Buff didn’t make it up this time. I beat the shit out of everyone on the elevator and walked out relatively unharmed. Buff then realized that this was fuckin’ epic so he joined in to kill whoever got into the elevator.

Whoever entered the elevator swiftly died as our kicks of righteous fury met their face. We continuously pulled Assasin’s Creed-like maneuvers as we waited atop some lights above the exit of the elevator. People would exit the elevator expecting to see a party and banners and shit and would instead cry out in confusion as they got Kung-Fu’d.

We saw this as an opportune moment to addorn our Gay Glenn armor, and we wore it with pride. As soon as our names were changed, we went onto the streets and beat the shit out of everything and anything that dared to move. Gay Glenn’s terrorized the streets and people began to cry out in “What the fucks!?” and “Gay Glenn is Gay!”

There was a moment where the server seemed to have won when a cop cuffed me. He was about to send me to jail when Buff jumped in front of me and got jailed instead. Once Buff’s sacrifice was over, the cop thought that he had gotten me and went running to the PD to go check up on me. I was cuffed but I was promptly killed so I became uncuffed. The cop went in to check on Buff but since Buff was jailed without being cuffed, he beat the shit out of the cop and the PD was under coplet lockdown. The cop went in to try and retake the PD but once he opened the door me and Buff jumped him and killed him. We went back to the streets right after.

Gay Glenns were being extremely successful until the Pancho Krew decided to show up and try and be gay like us. They failed miserably. When they saw that they were failing, they tried to plant a decoy trap by saying that WE were the ones who “Can’t DM Like da Pancho Krew” After they said this, me and Buff swiftly gave them a gay kick to the gay face.

The Pancho Krew left crying and Gay Glenns began to terrorize once again. I took over the gunshop by myself against 10 people and Buff was out running away from faggots and a gay cop. The people in the server began to all put on their names “[Anti-DM Squad]” They became extremely organized and put all their might together to stop the rush of Gay Glennery.

Buff then changed HIS name to add “[Anti-DM Squad]” and promptly kicked the shit out of people of the gunshop. One of the members of this elite squad promptly cried in a fist full of rage yelled in Out-Of-character “Don’t trsut the glenns”. Then no one trusted us ever again.

We left soon after, but we left knowing that we caused extreme havoc and disarray on a server that will never regain control of its RP roots.


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