Second Life: WANT FUCK

[09:33] Vash Feingold: THATS A GOOD DRESS YOU WANT FUCK?
[09:34] Catpower Ryd (catpower.daxter): no thanks.. 😛
[09:34] Vash Feingold: No fuck you, you want the biggestr fuck
[09:34] Vash Feingold: Call my penis mcdonalds, you’re gonna be lovin it
[09:34] Catpower Ryd (catpower.daxter): yeah yeahh how much fun u can have like this.. in a girl avatar..
[09:34] Vash Feingold: NIGGA I GOT LIKE 3 COCKS (NO JOKES)
[09:35] Catpower Ryd (catpower.daxter): ok fuck yourself 3 times then tc

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