Second Life: SJW Invasion

What triggered this chat log is a first life description shown below:

[13:39] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): How’s the homophobia going?
[13:39] (You): No idea.
[13:39] (You): Send a corporate mail.
[13:39] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): Really?
[13:39] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): It’s in your profile.
[13:40] (You): Uh?
[13:40] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): In your profile.
[13:40] (You): You lost me.
[13:41] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): ur a faget
[13:41] (You): Oh ok.
[13:41] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): under 1st life
[13:41] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): Is that ok?
[13:41] (You): I think so?
[13:41] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): It’s up to you.
[13:42] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): Are you a racist as well?
[13:42] (You): Still not following yo.
[13:42] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): It’s a slur.
[13:42] (You): We are in the internet.
[13:43] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): Are you a person of color?
[13:43] (You): did you escape from tumblr?
[13:43] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): hahahah
[13:43] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): Clearly that makes such sense.
[13:44] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): I’m telling you that if you give a
[13:44] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): shit, that’s offensive and homophobic.
[13:44] (You): Considering I’m from Mexico, Maybe I should consider you racist.
[13:44] (You): And I’ll call the racist card on you.
[13:44] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): Find something in my profile to support that.
[13:44] (You): I don’t need to do that.
[13:45] (You): I’ll derive that from how are yo acting right now
[13:45] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): So you are just ignorant?
[13:45] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): How the hell would I know what race you are?
[13:45] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): I know you are a homophobe because you wrote it.
[13:45] (You): Sorry Ma’am, but this isn’t your hugbox.
[13:46] (You): So please go back to tumblr.
[13:46] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): Honestly, idiots bore me. Later asshole.

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