Second Life: Lolita Gunz

[16:57] Vash Feingold: Why am I banned?
[16:57] Ƭιηι Rαgє (taisynn): Running around with guns on in a Lolita parcel?
[16:57] Ƭιηι Rαgє (taisynn): :/
[16:57] Vash Feingold: Man I forgot I had those motherfuckers on
[16:57] Vash Feingold: lemme detach
[16:57] Ƭιηι Rαgє (taisynn): And your avatar screams troll >.>
[16:58] Vash Feingold: Thats racist
[16:58] Ƭιηι Rαgє (taisynn): How is that racist? You were running around with a mask and guns on?
[16:58] Vash Feingold: Man im just a spooky as fuk guy

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