Second Life: Christmas Coal Confirmed

[11:43] Arabesque (aven.kuroe): Take your shenanigans elsewhere, please. Also, trying to fuck up the assets server in this sim, that’s rather no bueno. Even if you didn’t, the worded attempt isn’t taken lightly.
[11:44] Vash Feingold: Lmao
[11:44] Vash Feingold: go sit on a dildo
[11:44] Vash Feingold: You mad Santy claus got you coal this year?
[11:45] Arabesque (aven.kuroe): Nah, just cleaning up trash.
[11:45] Arabesque (aven.kuroe): Y’got a thousand other places to do that in.
[11:45] Vash Feingold: COAL CONFIRMED
[11:45] Vash Feingold: Youve been naughty this year little boy
[11:45] Arabesque (aven.kuroe): (busy response): N̲͉̗̯͚͓͢o̟͈͉̹̲̫ͅṭ̳͔̹͘ ̪͖͚͖̰̭̤h͓̗̪͖͡e̘̦̞̲r͔̮̱e̠͕̭͙ Please leave a message with your concerns or such and I’ll get back to you ASAP..


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