Second Life: 2010 – Geroge Cluny on the prowl II

[2010/03/15 13:15] Geroge Cluny: Hello, I am new can you spare L?
[2010/03/15 13:15] Cris Nightfire: no
[2010/03/15 13:15] Geroge Cluny: Yeah you can, you are rolling in the money, I know you are a big business man
[2010/03/15 13:16] Cris Nightfire: and thats why got money… don’t give it away
[2010/03/15 13:16] Geroge Cluny: What do you sell? Leather Jackets that say Harley Davidson on them?
[2010/03/15 13:16] Cris Nightfire: no
[2010/03/15 13:17] Geroge Cluny: Oh, so you sell dog penises to furries
[2010/03/15 13:19] Cris Nightfire: no… I buy and sell idiots…. but you wouldn’t even fit in that description
[2010/03/15 13:19] Geroge Cluny: Nice joke, did you get that from Dane Cook’s magic show?
[2010/03/15 13:19] Cris Nightfire: yeah

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