Scam Fortress 2 3: Nakmaru’s Revenge

Nakmaru: unusual vivid plasma gatsby for the witcher 2???
Kitten Mittens: like a trade?
Nakmaru: yes
Kitten Mittens: sure, how do you want to do it?
Nakmaru: game first
Nakmaru: hat second
Kitten Mittens: hmm’
Kitten Mittens: hang on
Nakmaru: ok
Nakmaru: hello?
Kitten Mittens: sorry
Kitten Mittens: I had to make lunch
Kitten Mittens: well I don’t know if I want to risk 45 bucks for a hat
Kitten Mittens: why do you need the game first
Nakmaru: cause i dont want to risk a unusual hat
Kitten Mittens: 45 dollars is worth more than a hat
Nakmaru: not a unusual hat
Nakmaru: its worth 50+
Kitten Mittens: well
Kitten Mittens: do you have anything smaller that you could give before so I know that you’re honest?
Kitten Mittens: I’m just saying it’s a big risk
Kitten Mittens: on my part
Nakmaru: no i don’t
Kitten Mittens: I have an idea
Kitten Mittens: you don’t have to risk your hat, but you could buy me crysis 2 and I’d buy you the witchher
Kitten Mittens: I really want crysis 2
Nakmaru: thats would be the same
Nakmaru: you would need to gift me game first
Nakmaru: then id gift you crysis 2
Kitten Mittens: why in that order?
Nakmaru: cause i want to
Kitten Mittens: but what if you take the witcher and run
Kitten Mittens: you keep saying “me first”, it makes it sound like you’re gonna scam me
Nakmaru: lol no
Nakmaru: thats a risk you need to take if you want the unusual or crysis 2
Kitten Mittens: well I’m just saying, I bet you’ve asked other people for the witcher
Kitten Mittens: and I bet they all said no because they were afraid you’d scam them
Nakmaru: i have 100+ games cause i give ppl what they eant
Nakmaru: yes or no?
Kitten Mittens: if you have so many games why can’t you buy the witcher 2 yourself
Nakmaru: cause i never paid for a game
Kitten Mittens: well unless you have something to give first no one will trade with you
Nakmaru: funny
Nakmaru: how all my 100+ games were earned like this
Kitten Mittens: I don’t believe that for a second
Nakmaru: you know what you are?
Kitten Mittens: smart?
Nakmaru: no
Nakmaru: you are a stupid asshole that stole from me like 13 hats, but i dont hate you cause someone who plays second life is someone who cant have a normal and social life
Nakmaru: peace out
Nakmaru: grats from stoling me 13 pixels
Nakmaru: good for you
Kitten Mittens: wait if you knew I scammed you why would you bother asking me again?
Nakmaru: trol your ass off
Nakmaru: did you feel good when you scammed me?
Kitten Mittens: better the second time
Nakmaru: do you see your stupidity???
Nakmaru: you felt good cause you stolen some pixels
Kitten Mittens: I see your stupidity for getting scammed twice in a week
Nakmaru: dude
Nakmaru: do you think i cared for the hats???
Kitten Mittens: enough to play TF2 long enough to get them all
Nakmaru: do you think i felt bad for it?
Nakmaru: ahah
Kitten Mittens: no, but I bet you felt pretty dumb getting scammed twice
Nakmaru: funny how ignorant you are
Nakmaru: taking that risk was nothing for me
Nakmaru: so i didnt felt dumb at all
Kitten Mittens: see now what I don’t understand is why if that risk was nothing why you wouldn’t make it again
Kitten Mittens: you seem to be pretty cautious now
Nakmaru: lol
Nakmaru: what part of trolling your ass of you didnt understand?
Kitten Mittens: do you think I’m “trolling” right now?
Kitten Mittens: because I’m not, and I don’t “troll”
Nakmaru: lol you cant be more stupid than this
Nakmaru: ofc you dont troll
Nakmaru: i am trolling you
Kitten Mittens: ok?
Nakmaru: cause i lmao when i saw your post on your blog
Kitten Mittens: did you google yourself?
Nakmaru: felling all mighty cause he stole from me some pixels
Nakmaru: nope
Kitten Mittens: did you google me?
Nakmaru: you have a link on your profile
Kitten Mittens: oh, hey
Kitten Mittens: I do
Nakmaru: just one last thing
Nakmaru: grow up
Nakmaru: be a man
Nakmaru: and think straight
Kitten Mittens: we’re not done here
Nakmaru: yes we are
Nakmaru: cya kid
Kitten Mittens: I have so many questions for you oh wise sage
Nakmaru: have fun steeling some pixels
Kitten Mittens: I will
Nakmaru: lol was that a try of trolling?
Nakmaru: fail
Nakmaru: xD
Kitten Mittens: was what trolling
Kitten Mittens: the “I will” bit?
Nakmaru: is that how original you are?
Nakmaru: nice
Kitten Mittens: it’s not, it’s fun to take advantage of naive people
Nakmaru: almost copy pasting troll sentences
Nakmaru: nice
Nakmaru: cool for you
Kitten Mittens: what troll sentences?
Kitten Mittens: what are you talking about?
Nakmaru: if you think that steeling pixels is taking advantage of naive ppl you have serious mental problems
Kitten Mittens: if you think it’s not, then you’re stupid
Nakmaru: dude, its a game
Nakmaru: its pixels
Nakmaru: im begging?
Nakmaru: lol
Nakmaru: i do not beg
Kitten Mittens: you begged me and other people
Nakmaru: begged?
Kitten Mittens: yes
Nakmaru: dude as i said before
Nakmaru: i have more than 100 games
Nakmaru: get it?
Kitten Mittens: that you allegedly got from begging
Nakmaru: do i need to draw that for you
Kitten Mittens: is having over 100 games a status symbol for you?
Kitten Mittens: my status symbols are wealth and friends in real life
Nakmaru: no its just an argument and a proof to destroy your previous statment
Nakmaru: lol
Nakmaru: friends in real life
Nakmaru: sorry
Kitten Mittens: show me where you destroyed my previous statement
Kitten Mittens: I’m too stupid to see
Nakmaru: second life is what you wanted to say
Nakmaru: dude you play second life
Kitten Mittens: maybe you didn’t look at too hard
Kitten Mittens: we grief people on second life
Nakmaru: you cant be dumber
Nakmaru: ofc
Kitten Mittens: you should watch our youtube videos of us doing it
Nakmaru: you have fun on second life
Kitten Mittens: I’m hardware banned from second life
Nakmaru: at least there you talk to “people”
Nakmaru: its exactly what you think when you play it
Kitten Mittens: well if you mean I talk to people you mean to my friends on skype while I play, than yes
Kitten Mittens: I do talk to people while playing
Nakmaru: lol
Nakmaru: are you trying to proove something?
Nakmaru: i didnt ask your explanations
Kitten Mittens: well yeah, I mean when you make accusations, I’m going to show you how wrong you are
Nakmaru: you are explaining yourself
Kitten Mittens: do you expect to insult me and just have me sit and take it?
Nakmaru: no i make accusations you take them personally and explain yourself
Nakmaru: open your eyes
Nakmaru: grow up
Nakmaru: and be a man
Kitten Mittens: you’re making accusations, of course I’ll take them personally
Kitten Mittens: plus, I’m probably older than you
Nakmaru: owned
Kitten Mittens: that’s 120 days dude
Kitten Mittens: that’s way too much time for anyone to spend on any video game
Kitten Mittens: it also seems to be the only game you play at all
Nakmaru: owned again
Kitten Mittens: you keep saying owned but without a subject to the sentence
Kitten Mittens: so I don’t know who has owned
Nakmaru: asshole
Nakmaru: owned again
Kitten Mittens: you did it again
Nakmaru: you are such an easy person to troll
Kitten Mittens: I see…
Kitten Mittens: so you do get enjoyment out of “trolling” other people on the internet?
Nakmaru: no
Nakmaru: just you
Kitten Mittens: well don’t I feel special now
Nakmaru: you already did
Nakmaru: when you behaved like a ninja and stole my “precious” hats
Nakmaru: that was awesome for you
Kitten Mittens: yeah it was pretty cool
Nakmaru: you felt on top of the world
Kitten Mittens: yes sir
Nakmaru: kids these days…
Kitten Mittens: so how old did you say you ere?
Nakmaru: don’t think about whats important
Kitten Mittens: you’ve spent 3000 hours playing team fortress
Kitten Mittens: tell me, what’s important to you
Nakmaru: beeing idle in tf2 and go out
Nakmaru: thats cool and imporatnt
Kitten Mittens: I see
Nakmaru: you are familiar with idling in tf2?
Kitten Mittens: well I don’t do it because I’m not a faggot
Kitten Mittens: but yes
Kitten Mittens: I am
Nakmaru: are you talking about your sexuality over the internets?
Nakmaru: you rly have mental problems
Kitten Mittens: someone said faggot on the internet? they must be a sociopath
Nakmaru: no, im just saying that for you to start with your sexuality…
Nakmaru: i think you rly need to talk about it
Kitten Mittens: you’re really looking for any excuse to call me stupid or insane, aren’t you
Nakmaru: nope
Nakmaru: you just called yourself faggot
Nakmaru: thats all
Kitten Mittens: when did I do that, exactly
Nakmaru: search for it
Kitten Mittens: Kitten Mittens: well I don’t do it because I’m not a faggot
Nakmaru: Kitten Mittens: i’m a faggot
Nakmaru: wrong
Kitten Mittens: now, where exactly does it say that
Kitten Mittens: because it’s not anywhere in my chat log
Nakmaru: thats your problem
Kitten Mittens: what is, I don’t go along with your fantasies?
Nakmaru: why is that when ppl feel humiliated, like you, start trying to troll the way the other person does
Nakmaru: the problem is they fail
Nakmaru: too easy to see
Kitten Mittens: I really don’t know where you’re coming from
Kitten Mittens: honestly if anything I’d say you’re the humiliated one
Nakmaru: good for you
Nakmaru: cya
Nakmaru: nice
Kitten Mittens: because as you can see on I have a long history of griefing
Nakmaru: keep typing
Kitten Mittens: wait until this one goes up on dethklan
Nakmaru: nice
Nakmaru: you are the best
Kitten Mittens: I know
Nakmaru: the best kid
Nakmaru: bye bye
Kitten Mittens: well I mean I’m not a kid, so
Nakmaru: you are boring
Nakmaru: ohhhh
Kitten Mittens: oh?
Kitten Mittens: you got me, I guess
Nakmaru is now Offline.

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