Kongregate Kraziness: I have muscular dystrophy.

By the way, I’m TheMoose, not DarkBaron.

DarkBaron: Twas talking with the new roommate, and she said “Yeah my boyfri— ugh, friends” then started stumbling.

TheMoose: You know that twas stands for it was, right?

DarkBaron: Actually it’s a diminutive of “it was” you ****ing cock ****.

DarkBaron: The third person aspect became lost over time and now is used in narrative liners.

DarkBaron: In short, you’re a pompous poppycock.

MrEntity: you know what poppycock means, right?

DarkBaron: What do I care? It sounds like poopy cock, which works rather swell in my eyes.

TheMoose: [twuhz, twoz; unstressed twuhz] Contraction of it was.

MrEntity: a bit late on that one, cock-prefecture

DarkBaron: That’s if you ignore colloquials. You know, like how if I call you lame faggit, I don’t mean a cigarette unable to walk.

TheMoose: I also don’ think that a narrative liner is a thing.

DarkBaron: Once again, short of a narrative which is a one liner.

MrEntity: just tell him you were that “it” was the subject talking to your girlfriend

DarkBaron: In short: suck my dick you undereducated red assed baboon.

TheMoose: You also spelt “****” wrong.

Spaghedeity: Hey Greed

DarkBaron: I spelled what wrong?

Spaghedeity: You spelt what wrong?

DarkBaron: Don’t know.

Spaghedeity: Who misspellts what

Spaghedeity: Honestly

DarkBaron: He just gave a bunch of asterisks. Not sure what I spelled wrong.

TheMoose: I don’t know how to overcome the swear censor on here.

Spaghedeity: Cry about it

DarkBaron: Maybe now you see why I “misspelled” that word you dumbass.

Spaghedeity: I thought you misspelt what

TheMoose: Also, seriously, twas is a contraction of “it was”, nothing else.

Spaghedeity: You are nothing else.

DarkBaron: And lame means unable to walk, why don’t you take your lame ass out of here?

TheMoose: Because I can’t walk.

Spaghedeity: Drag yourself

Spaghedeity: Pussy

TheMoose: I have muscular dystophy.

Spaghedeity: If some jackass can chop off his own arm and climb down a mountain, you can gtfo

Spaghedeity: Baron

Spaghedeity: Should I go back out after I eat and give these hobos a ride to wherever they’re going?

DarkBaron: Only if they pay you or if you join them

Spaghedeity: I’m not going to become a hobo

Spaghedeity: I ****ing hate trains

DarkBaron: If they don’t payyou, don’t go. Gas is expensive.

Spaghedeity: I was just going to take them to the closest bus stop and give them a pound of quarters

TheMoose: If they’re homeless, how would they have money for gas?

DarkBaron: If you have no arm how the **** are you typing?

DarkBaron: Gtfo you retarded third cousin twice removed.

Spaghedeity: I have $20 worth of quarters, incidentally

DarkBaron: But it’s your money

DarkBaron: Don’t do it

TheMoose: I have arms, I just have muscular dystrophy. I narrate to someone who types it for me.

Spaghedeity: He should be shot

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