Internet Mutiny: New Video Round-Up!

Here is Internet Mutiny, a collection of funny internet videos you won’t see on myspace. Funny videos on myspace are old or unfunny… Whatever.

We should start with a song… Sung by our favorite A.B.A.P. balla ass person!

Chad Warden sings for you! Pretty good. Christmas is around the corner! Chad Warden presents: ABAP Christmas Songs. If you load it up on a PS3, it has a special patch code that changes all instances of PS3 to PSTriple! Hell Yeah! Rad!

Why must I cry, yeah I know it’s an old one but it hasn’t been posted on Dethklan yet much like other videos. This one doesnt make any sense. He is seen in a shower, in a room with him waving a bb gun around, a car, in the woods. I am not sure.

Apparently, it’s about his son that killed someone then himself or something, I’ll investigate later.

A Girl who is moderately pretty, shaves her eyebrows and looks down right fucking weird. Good Job. Now she’s a fucking alien. In her next video, she has the drawn on eyebrows. I ask, why do girls do this?! Eyebrows are all great unless it’s fucking huge or unibrow. Yet, faking it makes it look worse. Oh well.

Peni-Copter, this is seriously the funniest video in a while. Props to the man who pulled this off!

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