Half-Screwed: Gold Released

Here we are folks, the end of a long and fun journey. It’s been real fun, interacting with users and other modders alike.

This is the final release of Half-Screwed (sans possible bug fixes). I cannot add anymore weapons and in my eyes, this is done. Now, this won’t come without a full solid release won’t it? Below is the ever famous changelog, now go out and play this.

Also, The Source Code will be released in the future. Look forward to that.

Change log:

Fixed Bots, now they should be able to use custom weapons and compete in Heavy Rain mode
Fixed Intermission Music, everyone should be able to hear it now, not just the server admin
Added Shaun to Jason (Right Click to SHAUUUUUN!)
Added Sounds to things (UI, death noises)
Added commmands to disable/enable Bots and the Shotgun via commands (see commands.txt)
Fixed the Death of Scientist Rockets (Spits out Mario Coins)
Fixed Dosh, now it actually sticks to the world for a few seconds
Added Chris-chan
Added a bunch of fun maps
Changed up the UI quite a bit.
Added a sexy NES Round Timer
Added Fists of the North Screwed
Added Duck Hunt GUI for Nintendo Zapper
Fixed Animations not appearing in Scientist RPG and Jihad
Added the Jackyl from Hellsing.
Readded Hell Yeah Rockets (Right Click with the RPG out to switch modes)
Replaced Zombies with Redeads
Added the “Modman” Gun
Added new Scientist noises, they now swear at you and such, they have more insanity
Switched back Killing Floor Satchels to Xboxes
Finished Barney Voicing


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