Guess-A-Sketch: Gummies and cummies


One night we decide to test our artistic skills with a simple game of “Guess-A-Sketch”. After running in and doing our best, many people left because they cannot handle our artistic strength. This is the chatlog of the latter half of the event.



Gummiez: dino
Gummiez: rlly
Gummiez: u crazy ppl!
Gummiez: wtf are u on drugs?!
Dirk222: hipopotamus
doggieguy: hippopotamus
Server: doggieguy guessed correctly: hippopotamus
Dirk222: hippopotamus
Paul_Sanders: gj
Game On!
Gummiez: YAY
Server: doggieguy has left the room.

At this point, I dont have the drawing in question here, it was giant picture of Mara from SMT.

Gummiez: wha
Gummiez: omg
Gummiez: what is wrong wit u!
Gummiez: alien
Gummiez: eat
Gummiez: what?!
Gummiez: v.v
Gummiez: !!!!!!!!!!!!1111
Gummiez: plz stop

Doggieguy came back and it was their turn to draw.



Server: Gummiez has left the room.

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