Fanfiction Hell: ur gay

I went on to write a very thoughtful story crossover between American Psycho and Glamorous Lip/Login to add items to your list, keep track of your progress, and rate series! Description 1) Love is Here Hina, a 20-year-old assistant to a photographer, has always admired Kouzuki, a beautiful model. He wants nothing more, though, than to

You can find this magnum opus here:

I spent days on months writing it and it was finally finished. Within days, I got messages like “you’re ruining the website with your large tag!” and finally I got this review. I was ecstatic, someone can finally critique my work because my other stories make it to the Internet.

the sonic devil wrote:
O_O…wtf is up with the stupidly long name in the crossover’s section

if any admins or mods are ALSO reading this, then please get this remove, mainly because it’s useless and it practically takes uo half a dang web-page by itself…giggety

I am pissed. He didn’t even read my story! He just told me about some stupid website maintenance shit! I gave that troll the response he deserves!

Jamison Trumpet (me) wrote:
ur gay

That was my basic adios troll. I bet I sent him crying, no response. I won this war. A few days later, I get this essay in my private messages inbox.

the sonic devil wrote:
Subject: dude………….. read before you decide to FAIL at life

dude, here;s what you should do

1. type up coherent sentences that DON’T sound like they’ve been thrown in a ***ing blender
2. read different stories and get idea’s from them
3. don’t suck at making stories

and for your instance, I did read your story, and it was worse than what master chief typed on in the youtube series Arby & Chief

oh yeah, and here’s ONE more tip…………………………. if you can’t make any good, non-choppy looking, non-** stories, then GTFO of fan-fiction and take some damn lessons

and i don’t care what ever the *** you call me, at least my sentences don’t look like a GIANT STEAMING PILE OF **!!!!!!!!!!!!

and then I got another reply

the sonic devil wrote:
Subject: there’s more

and whether you make some ACTUAL better looking fanfics with a better story line, then maybe ill openly admit i suck at life instead of you

all i can recommend is get rid of that CRAPPY looking ameeican pyro fanfic or……whatever the eff it is

This troll will get another nasty reply, more to come soon!

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