Fanfiction Hell: I’m a troll?!

Continued from: Here

The troll is back and here’s what I delivered.
you’re just a big troll simple to plain, ur gay

He replied with:
I’m a troll? and what reasons do you think make ME a troll

as far as I’m concerned, your the troll for making this story with the crappy long crossover name

oh yeah, and I reported you to the fanfiction admins; they probably ain’t gonna do anything, but I’m hoping they’ll not ignore this problem here………..even though I sent that message to them about 5 months ago

point is, no matter what YOU say; no matter if you call me a troll, or gay, or an assface, you good sir/madam, are the troll/gay/assface here

and with that, I bid you good day *walks off in rich manner*

To answer your question. You didn’t even read the story that took many tears to make. I honestly cannot say that I enjoy talking to you but you didnt even ready my short story. I am so mad that someone on the internet didnt read my story. More to come.

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