[Backstory: [I] was selling a XBOX 360 on eBay for a low price to get rid of it. It was in good condition, he just sucks at the games. In any case, his shipping was high, because the 360, plus all the accessories and a game, are heavy as hell. The total price was like $50 for a first bid ($30 for the console, $20 shipping), so it was still a hell of a deal. Then comes in Mr. Internet Superhero eBay Master to inform him of policies and how he should send the entire thing for $15.]

F_Y Said:

Please cancel my bid. 38.00 shipping is not allowed by ebay the allowable amount is 15.00. I did not see your inflated shipping. I already contacted eBay.

[I] said:

While I find it reprehensible and ridiculous that you bid on something before looking at the full terms, I have canceled your bid. As a law student, I advise you to read all contracts, implicit or not, fully before you do something foolhardy like put money down. You are incredibly lucky in that I was on my computer before the auction ended, or I would have required you to send the money in full would you have won. I have very legitimate reasons for my shipping costs, and I am in full knowledge that there is no “allowable amount”, so I find your maligning message irresponsible and childish.

With that being said, I will be blocking you from bidding on all of my items, as I find you untrustworthy and I would advise you refrain from treating other sellers in this manner.

F_Y Said:

I have already forwarded your listing to eBay and they will be contacting you. For your information eBay takes excessive shipping very serious because you are trying to circumvent eBay and pay pal fees. I hope you didn’t spend a great deal of money on your law degree, it didn’t seem to make you smarter or follow the rules and stop you from trying to steal money from people. I would ask for my money back for your collage education, it didn’t make you very professional. If there is an idiot in the room it is you. Look at your feedback it sucks. I feel sorry for the poor smuck that you screw over with your auction. If I had won it would have been a cold day in hell before you received one red cent from me. Just because you are a law student it doesn’t mean your an attorney, as of right now you are nothing. Get a life!

[I] said:

I’d advise you to stop behaving childishly simply because you cannot have your way.

FYI, the shipping is because I do not have the 360 box, and thus I’m having to pack it by hand. Because the 360 is a delicate machine and I don’t really feel like having my buyer get a broken machine, I will be enlisting the help of a man who runs a UPS store, who will pack the box heavily with material, as well as use a larger package. This accounts for the disparity between the item itself and the weight — it’s going to be unquestionably heavy thanks to what I’m going to put in it. I’m also including the books that came with it, in addition to a lot of other material. The box is going to be heavy and cumbersome, and I fully intend to ensure that I have the cash available to pay for such a shipment — I just shipped out something (a monitor) I took a loss on for that very reason. If this was something simple like a DVD, it would be a different story — but this is a heavy console with a ridiculously heavy power brick with a bunch of accessories I purchased after the fact, and it all ends up being expensive as hell. I find it hilarious you somehow think that you’re being cheated when I’m selling the console at a deep discount and you have to have the atrocity of actually paying for legitimate shipping.

As for my education, I won’t dignify you with responses, you’re behaving like a child. With that being said, please spend your time harassing someone more willing to deal with your histrionics.

F_Y said:

Hey tard I have been selling for 8 yr on eBay and I have seen you kind come and go. Your listing are in violation of eBay policies.Here is the link to eBay policy you need to read and learn….http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/maximum_shipping.html . eBay sets maximum shipping costs in some categories. You can charge more than the maximum shipping cost only if you use the shipping calculator to enter an item’s actual size and weight with the packing materials.

When using the shipping calculator, make sure the calculated cost isn’t higher than the actual shipping cost. If so, it’s considered excessive shipping, which isn’t allowed on eBay.

You need to learn the rules. I have filed a complaint on all of your listing with eBay for excessive shipping charges. You will have to explain to eBay why your shipping is so high. With your intelligence it should be no problem, on second thought you might want a consult with someone who knows what the rules are.

[I] said:

I’m very glad you’ve spent the time to inform me of this. Keep in mind that you’re largely wasting your time — not only am I arranging shipment with the winner, but I’m also doing so in an entirely legitimate (and discounted in their favor!) way. I’m wholly unconcerned with your attempts to malign my intentions, and honestly, I welcome you to further waste your time filing a complaint — I’ll be glad to explain to eBay the situation, and to inform them of your constant belligerent e-mails.

In any case, the item just sold. Please do not contact me regarding this item any longer, as I have little time to deal with your emotional problems. I recommend you spend your eight years of expertise on eBay doing something more productive instead of proverbially throwing yourself on the floor in a temper tantrum.

F_Y said:

Your an Idiot. You can try and talk smart but we both know the truth. Dumb as a box of rocks you are.

[I] said:

Corrections in brackets.
Your [You’re, as in you + are] an I[i]diot. You can try and [to] talk smart [intelligently, smart is too casual] [,] but we both know the truth. Dumb as a box of rocks you are [what are you, Yoda? You probably meant “You are as dumb as a box of rocks”].

What you should have said:
You are an idiot. You can try to talk as intelligently as you want, but we both know the truth, you’re just being pedantic. You are as dumb as a box of rocks.

Send that to me instead, it’ll work better.

Mark Hall, daddy65@msn.com, said:

Your still an idiot. Get a life. Your edumacation paid off. Your not as dumb as you sound for a tard. You might even get a Gob one of these days McDonald’s is always looking to help the mentally challenged.

[At this point, I filed a harassment complaint with eBay, since he contacted me via e-mail just to play internet police, which I consider a threat]