Dethklan @ PortConMaine DVD announced!

Today I am announcing that Dethklan @ PortConMaine DVDs are gonna be. That means you get higher-than-youtube-quality video. You will also have a look at all of the deleted scenes that were too bad to even put on youtube and other footage that was comparably useless to use.

The DVD Set will come with 2 DVDs. Both containing to-the-brim with features and footage.

The DVDs will include

  • High Quality versions of all videos of PortCon 2008 and 2009
  • Deleted Footage that never graced youtube or any other purpose
  • UNCUT UNCENSORED Hotel Room Shenanigans
  • 3 Different types of Commentary on all Cut versions of the videos
  • Revolutionary DVD Menus that surpass every expectation
  • Personalized message from me, it could be ANYTHING
  • BONUS Material for Post-Portcon Commentary and footage shot before PortCon
  • LIMITED TIME ONLY! A Possible 3rd DVD
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