Dethklan has changed

Dethklan has changed. Its no longer about glenns or grinmans or forums. Its an endless series of crashes brought by viruses and worms. Dethklan and its compsumtion of bandwidth has become a well oiled server. Dethklan has changed. ID tagged users carry ID tagged hacks, use ID tagged values. Plugins inside their target’s TSRP server enhance and regulate their abilities. model control. information control. gun control. Mecklenburg control. Everything is monitored and kept under control. Dethklan has changed. The age of raiding has become the age of control. All in the name of averting catastrophe from servers of mass destruction. And he who controls the server… controls the history of Dethklan. Dethklan has changed. when the servers are under total control… Dethklan becomes routine.

However, if Dethklan is formed into the inside, Dethklan controls TSRP. TSRP is than what it has always been, a battlefield of Glenns and Citizens. Where the items run free and the Dethklan is very much active. Unless the Roots of Mecklenburg are rethought and redone, Mecklenburg will not be reinvented into a new age. The era of “Renaissance.” As Gay Glenn picks up the gun again, will TSRP be ready again?

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