TSRP: Love in the PD

June 2nd, 2010 by Helios

Lazarus Jackson looks at your pants.
Tyrone Biggums begins to stroke his cock in his leather pants.
Omar ‘Dirtbag’ Suarez says, “Those are my pants punk.”
Lazarus Jackson licks his lips.
Omar ‘Dirtbag’ Suarez says, “Stop staring at my cock.”
John Ramone pulls out something long and purple.
John Ramone: (( Same ))
[Shove Mod] You have just been shoved by Omar ‘Dirtbag’ Suarez!
[OOC] John Ramone: (( Same ))
Lazarus Jackson grabs the long purple shaft.
Omar ‘Dirtbag’ Suarez says, “Dont touch me with that you sicko.”
[Shove Mod] You have just been shoved by Omar ‘Dirtbag’ Suarez!
Tyrone Biggums strokes my cock and watches closely.
John Ramone kicks you in the nuts.
Tyrone Biggums grabs Lazarus’ cock with his mouth and sucks like a hoover.
Lazarus Jackson starts rubbing Tyrone’s cock lovingly.
(CNN) John Ramone: 2 Homosexual men having intercourse in the police department anyone respond?
Tyrone Biggums flexes his ass tightly as he feels his cock harden in Lazarus’ hands.
Lazarus Jackson gently slides Tyrone massive meat into his mouth, a little spit coming out at the sides of his mouth.
Ivan Drago says, “Oh my god.”
Omar ‘Dirtbag’ Suarez pulls his wiener out.
Tyrone Biggums thrusts into Lazarus’ mouth, grabbing his cock and stroking it, rubbing the head lightly.
TensionRP.org Come, Join Us!
Lazarus Jackson starts choking a little bit but keeps taking it deeper.
Ivan Drago shouts, “OFFICER!”
Omar ‘Dirtbag’ Suarez shouts, “THE AGONYYYYY!”
Omar ‘Dirtbag’ Suarez shouts, “PEOPLE ARE SUCKING PENISES IN HERE!”
Tyrone Biggums chokes lightly on his cock, but keeps sucking, groaning.
Omar ‘Dirtbag’ Suarez shouts, “PENIS SUCKING GOING ON!”
Lazarus Jackson cheeks start t expand as they fill with cum.
Tyrone Biggums bends over and readies his tight asshole for lazarus’ cock.
Tyrone Biggums says “FUCK ME LIKE A PIG”.
Omar ‘Dirtbag’ Suarez shouts, “SQUEEL LIKE A PIG !!”
Omar ‘Dirtbag’ Suarez shouts, “WEEEEEEEE WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!”
Lazarus Jackson readies his 10 inch love baton and slams it into Tyrone’s asshole, making a wet squelching noise when it enters.John Ramone starts gagging.
Omar ‘Dirtbag’ Suarez vomits all over the place.
Ivan Drago shouts, “OH GOD!”
John Ramone says, “OH MY GOD.”
Omar ‘Dirtbag’ Suarez wipes puke off the sides of his mouth.
John Ramone says, “LETS GET OUT OF HERE.”
Lazarus Jackson starts tickling Tyrone’s balls while he works the blood and shit covered hole.
Tyrone Biggums squeals loudly, bending over and letting the cock slap back and forth, mingling with leftover shit.
Tyrone Biggums says, “OH GOD IT FEELS SO GOOD.”
Johnathon Gazou says, “How disgusting.”
Johnathon Gazou yells, “ABOMINATION!”
Chief Danny Trose says, “Hmm.”
Omar ‘Dirtbag’ Suarez says, “These men are sucking each others penises.”
Omar ‘Dirtbag’ Suarez says, “And taking it in their buttholes.”
Chief Danny Trose says, “Hey.”
Chief Danny Trose says, “Get out of here.”
Hermann Wilhelm Goering: (( David. ))
Lazarus Jackson motions for others to join in while he licks the rim, taking all the blood and shit off before another go.
Omar ‘Dirtbag’ Suarez vomits.
David ‘DirtBall’ Loc: (( ya ))
Hermann Wilhelm Goering: (( Is this what TSRP has come down to? Cops jail you for self defense? ))
Chief Danny Trose removes a tazer from it’s holster.
Chief Danny Trose shouts, “EVERYONE CLEAR THE AREA!”
David ‘DirtBall’ Loc: (( sadly ))
Tyrone Biggums groans and takes it from his ass further, biting into his pillow as he feels the cock slide into his scroum.
David ‘DirtBall’ Loc: (( it has in some servers ))
Lazarus Jackson says, “Oh yeah, tase me officer, I’ve been baaad.”
[ARP] You have been cuffed by Chief
Tyrone Biggums says, “Oh god handcuffs make it kinky.”
Chief Danny Trose says, “You both are under arrest

Chief Danny Trose says, “Do you know why you were jailed?”

TSRP: I’m a cop guys

May 31st, 2010 by Buff Drinklots

Off. Barney Pineapple: (( u dont kick a cop thats pointing two guns on your head ))
Broscar Wilde: (( i do ))
R0N Paule: (( im gtay ))
XBOXCHAMP/drunk/high: (( let me throw on a better name ))
* XBOXCHAMP/drunk/high changed name to Ni**er
Off. Barney Pineapple: (( RON THATS NOT RP EITHER ))
R0N Paule: (( it is! ))
Off. Barney Pineapple: (( lol fags learn rp ))
R0N Paule killed J. Steele with Akimbo Five-seveN
Broscar Wilde: (( we are rping, we’re anarchists ))
S.W.A.T.Alexei Haiden: (( OPEn ))
S.W.A.T.Alexei Haiden: (( wth ))
S.W.A.T.Alexei Haiden: (( how they get out ))
S.W.A.T.Alexei Haiden: (( open ))
Off. Barney Pineapple: (( fags just stop dm okey? ))
R0N Paule: (( ok ))
S.W.A.T.Alexei Haiden: (( ok ))
S.W.A.T.Alexei Haiden: (( if you wany a job /hibs ))
S.W.A.T.Alexei Haiden: (( / jobs ))
[ARP] R0N Paule is robbing the Wawa!
Off. Barney Pineapple shouts, “ALL CIVILIANS GET THE FUCK OUT!!”
Broscar Wilde killed Off. Barney Pineapple with Kung Fu

TSRP: Welcome back to TSRP, Whoops! Time to go!

May 24th, 2010 by Buff Drinklots

Guess who dropped by TSRP earlier? Gay Glenn! He is gayer than ever and he is back! So to congradulate his rebirth and/or return, he hits up Lynx RP and they are not too happy as we all are.

* Andy Dickens changed name to Gay Glenn
Gay Glenn says, “Ooc im gay.”
Gay Glenn: (( Im gay ))
Boris Wilbur: (( lol?? ))
Dr. Aleksandr Petrav: (( do we care? ))
Gay Glenn: (( very gay thats me yes-sir-ree ))
Tom Stall: (( And a banned faggot ))
Tom Stall: (( See ya faggot ))
Mendozah Jackson: (( “welcome gay glenn, head to the bar you’ll fit right in, theres loads of men, thick and thin, you wont know
Gay Glenn: (( Tom made a funny ))
Gay Glenn: (( im gay ))
Tom Stall: (( OFc ))
Gay Glenn: (( wheres my gothclub3 in da gay bar ))
Ban Information
Name: Gay Glenn
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:3793395
Reason: 9999
Ban Length: 2634 days, 7 hours, 15 minutes
Unban Time: 9:29:05 6/24/2017
Admin Name: Boris Wilbur
Admin SteamID: STEAM_0:1:13270916

Lynx RP, see your ass in 2017, Gay Glenn it all the way.

BTW, I am suprised TSRP is still alive, but yoroshiku, TSRP, it’s been a while.

Dethklan has changed

March 22nd, 2009 by Buff Drinklots

Dethklan has changed. Its no longer about glenns or grinmans or forums. Its an endless series of crashes brought by viruses and worms. Dethklan and its compsumtion of bandwidth has become a well oiled server. Dethklan has changed. ID tagged users carry ID tagged hacks, use ID tagged values. Plugins inside their target’s TSRP server enhance and regulate their abilities. model control. information control. gun control. Mecklenburg control. Everything is monitored and kept under control. Dethklan has changed. The age of raiding has become the age of control. All in the name of averting catastrophe from servers of mass destruction. And he who controls the server… controls the history of Dethklan. Dethklan has changed. when the servers are under total control… Dethklan becomes routine.

However, if Dethklan is formed into the inside, Dethklan controls TSRP. TSRP is than what it has always been, a battlefield of Glenns and Citizens. Where the items run free and the Dethklan is very much active. Unless the Roots of Mecklenburg are rethought and redone, Mecklenburg will not be reinvented into a new age. The era of “Renaissance.” As Gay Glenn picks up the gun again, will TSRP be ready again?

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TSRP Model Release: Gay Glenn for TS3.0

October 19th, 2008 by Buff Drinklots

Gay Glenn of TSRP fame’s appearance was always coined by a model named “chris”, Early ts 2.1 raids. We downloaded a model pack that included 1,600+ models for players of TSRP. We happen to come by the model “chris” which had fucked up
animations and laughs galore. Thus began a legend. Roller skates.

Download Now!

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