TSRP: Love in the PD

Lazarus Jackson looks at your pants. Tyrone Biggums begins to stroke his cock in his leather pants. Omar ‘Dirtbag’ Suarez says, “Those are my pants punk.” Lazarus Jackson licks his lips. Omar ‘Dirtbag’ Suarez says, “Stop staring at… Read More

TSRP: I’m a cop guys

Off. Barney Pineapple: (( u dont kick a cop thats pointing two guns on your head )) Broscar Wilde: (( i do )) R0N Paule: (( im gtay )) XBOXCHAMP/drunk/high: (( let me throw on a better name… Read More

TSRP: Welcome back to TSRP, Whoops! Time to go!

Guess who dropped by TSRP earlier? Gay Glenn! He is gayer than ever and he is back! So to congradulate his rebirth and/or return, he hits up Lynx RP and they are not too happy as we all… Read More

Dethklan has changed

Dethklan has changed. Its no longer about glenns or grinmans or forums. Its an endless series of crashes brought by viruses and worms. Dethklan and its compsumtion of bandwidth has become a well oiled server. Dethklan has changed…. Read More

TSRP Model Release: Gay Glenn for TS3.0

Gay Glenn of TSRP fame’s appearance was always coined by a model named “chris”, Early ts 2.1 raids. We downloaded a model pack that included 1,600+ models for players of TSRP. We happen to come by the model… Read More