2013 and Dethklan

January 3rd, 2013 by Buff Drinklots

2013 has a lot in store for your friendly neighborhood asshole. Stay tuned, as we rock a new year.


Dethklan Layout fixed up a bit for 2012.

October 24th, 2012 by Buff Drinklots

After doing months of nothing, I done something.

Dethklan Games Website now Live!

May 8th, 2012 by Buff Drinklots

Check it out, there’s not much right now. Right Here!

Comments are back!

May 13th, 2011 by Buff Drinklots

We did a reverse-china and are allowing you to speak your mind. Go hogwild.

Kongregate Kraziness: I have muscular dystrophy.

March 16th, 2011 by

By the way, I’m TheMoose, not DarkBaron.

DarkBaron: Twas talking with the new roommate, and she said “Yeah my boyfri— ugh, friends” then started stumbling.

TheMoose: You know that twas stands for it was, right?

DarkBaron: Actually it’s a diminutive of “it was” you ****ing cock ****.

DarkBaron: The third person aspect became lost over time and now is used in narrative liners.

DarkBaron: In short, you’re a pompous poppycock.

MrEntity: you know what poppycock means, right?

DarkBaron: What do I care? It sounds like poopy cock, which works rather swell in my eyes.

TheMoose: [twuhz, twoz; unstressed twuhz] Contraction of it was.

MrEntity: a bit late on that one, cock-prefecture

DarkBaron: That’s if you ignore colloquials. You know, like how if I call you lame faggit, I don’t mean a cigarette unable to walk.

TheMoose: I also don’ think that a narrative liner is a thing.

DarkBaron: Once again, short of a narrative which is a one liner.

MrEntity: just tell him you were that “it” was the subject talking to your girlfriend

DarkBaron: In short: suck my dick you undereducated red assed baboon.

TheMoose: You also spelt “****” wrong.

Spaghedeity: Hey Greed

DarkBaron: I spelled what wrong?

Spaghedeity: You spelt what wrong?

DarkBaron: Don’t know.

Spaghedeity: Who misspellts what

Spaghedeity: Honestly

DarkBaron: He just gave a bunch of asterisks. Not sure what I spelled wrong.

TheMoose: I don’t know how to overcome the swear censor on here.

Spaghedeity: Cry about it

DarkBaron: Maybe now you see why I “misspelled” that word you dumbass.

Spaghedeity: I thought you misspelt what

TheMoose: Also, seriously, twas is a contraction of “it was”, nothing else.

Spaghedeity: You are nothing else.

DarkBaron: And lame means unable to walk, why don’t you take your lame ass out of here?

TheMoose: Because I can’t walk.

Spaghedeity: Drag yourself

Spaghedeity: Pussy

TheMoose: I have muscular dystophy.

Spaghedeity: If some jackass can chop off his own arm and climb down a mountain, you can gtfo

Spaghedeity: Baron

Spaghedeity: Should I go back out after I eat and give these hobos a ride to wherever they’re going?

DarkBaron: Only if they pay you or if you join them

Spaghedeity: I’m not going to become a hobo

Spaghedeity: I ****ing hate trains

DarkBaron: If they don’t payyou, don’t go. Gas is expensive.

Spaghedeity: I was just going to take them to the closest bus stop and give them a pound of quarters

TheMoose: If they’re homeless, how would they have money for gas?

DarkBaron: If you have no arm how the **** are you typing?

DarkBaron: Gtfo you retarded third cousin twice removed.

Spaghedeity: I have $20 worth of quarters, incidentally

DarkBaron: But it’s your money

DarkBaron: Don’t do it

TheMoose: I have arms, I just have muscular dystrophy. I narrate to someone who types it for me.

Spaghedeity: He should be shot

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