2013 and Dethklan

2013 has a lot in store for your friendly neighborhood asshole. Stay tuned, as we rock a new year.

Dethklan Layout fixed up a bit for 2012.

After doing months of nothing, I done something.

Dethklan Games Website now Live!

Check it out, there’s not much right now. Right Here!

Comments are back!

We did a reverse-china and are allowing you to speak your mind. Go hogwild.

Kongregate Kraziness: I have muscular dystrophy.

By the way, I’m TheMoose, not DarkBaron. DarkBaron: Twas talking with the new roommate, and she said “Yeah my boyfri— ugh, friends” then started stumbling. TheMoose: You know that twas stands for it was, right? DarkBaron: Actually it’s… Read More