Second Life Appreciation: You’re straight

June 24th, 2012 by Buff Drinklots

[19:56] Vash Feingold: Hey there.
[19:56] Vash Feingold: You’re perfectly straight and very desireable.
[19:56] Vash Feingold: You great humble person! 🙂
[19:56] Vash Feingold: I think your avatar is the best and I don’t stand any comparision.
[19:57] Fabldabl (hybridfable): Had to cam around a bit, I was like “Who is talking to me?” lol
[19:57] Vash Feingold: Haha that’s funny, I want to be your friend.
[19:59] Fabldabl (hybridfable): I think you’re trollin’ me =P\
[19:59] Vash Feingold: Trolling? That’s awful.
[19:59] Vash Feingold: I love you.
[19:59] Vash Feingold: And you’re straight.

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