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Second Life: Markus is alive 2014

February 20th, 2014 by Buff Drinklots

[21:44] Vash Feingold: MARKUS
[21:44] Vash Feingold: I thoguht you were long gone
[21:45] Markus Smithson: the reports of my demise have been widely exaggerated
[21:45] Vash Feingold: Still kicking ass?
[21:46] Markus Smithson: as much as possible. absolutely
[21:46] Vash Feingold: What brings you back onto Second Life?
[21:46] Markus Smithson: blissful mayhem
[21:46] Markus Smithson: the usual pervercities
[21:46] Markus Smithson: and you?
[21:46] Vash Feingold: Force is dead, yo.
[21:46] Vash Feingold: I saw you on, on the website.
[21:46] Markus Smithson: what have you been up to?
[21:47] Markus Smithson: oh yeah
[21:47] Vash Feingold: Programming mostly, worked an entire grueling summer
[21:47] Markus Smithson: nice
[21:47] Markus Smithson: sounds interesting
[21:52] Markus Smithson: I see that you are black now.
[21:52] Markus Smithson: I guess that’s hip again?
[21:52] Vash Feingold: My First Life picture is a lie
[21:52] Vash Feingold: I grabbed that off smeone else
[21:52] Markus Smithson: Shoulda gotten something scary.
[21:52] Markus Smithson: lemme see
[21:52] Markus Smithson: I will find you one.
[21:54] Markus Smithson:
[21:55] Markus Smithson: oh wow, long ass URL
[21:55] Vash Feingold: Urban people?
[21:55] Markus Smithson: exactly
[21:55] Markus Smithson: trying to find you a scary black man photo
[21:55] Markus Smithson: I should do that myself…create a new ME
[21:56] Markus Smithson: and put some bullshit stuff on it
[21:56] Markus Smithson: about how I was in “the big house” for 10 years for a triple homicide
[21:56] Markus Smithson: but my public defender attorneys got me out
[21:57] Vash Feingold: Somehow some way, I am a free man
[21:57] Markus Smithson: we could go around scaring the shit out of people on SL
[21:57] Markus Smithson: pick people at random and approach them and say…
[21:58] Markus Smithson: “Hey man. I heard you were trying to hit on my woman. And I don’t like that shit.”
[21:58] Markus Smithson: “Muther Fucker. I am pissed at you right now.”
[21:58] Vash Feingold: At clubs haha
[21:58] Markus Smithson: “And this aint no bull shit secondlike fucking shit either man.
[21:59] Markus Smithson: I talked to your friends and I know where you live …”
[21:59] Vash Feingold: hahaa
[21:59] Vash Feingold: You’ll scare em, Markus
[21:59] Markus Smithson: I will need to creatte a new acount
[22:00] Markus Smithson: Markus something or other
[22:00] Markus Smithson: and post a stolen RL photo of a triple murderer
[22:04] Second Life: Markus Smithson started a voice call
[22:04] Second Life: You joined the voice call
[22:04] Vash Feingold: soundboard?
[22:04] Vash Feingold: voice morpher?
[22:05] Markus Smithson: you like?
[22:05] Vash Feingold: sounds legit
[22:05] Markus Smithson: I thought so
[22:06] Markus Smithson: See man? You inspire me!
[22:06] Vash Feingold: Inspire? Haa
[22:06] Markus Smithson: Hell yeah. Now I have a new hobby on SL!
[22:06] Markus Smithson: Scaring the shit out of people!
[22:07] Markus Smithson: I can use the same script to start each time…
[22:07] Markus Smithson: “Hey man. My girlfriend Vanessa said you were hitting on her in here a few days ago….”
[22:08] Markus Smithson: So is that true?”
[22:08] Markus Smithson: Then the real shit starts
[22:08] Vash Feingold: haha
[22:08] Vash Feingold: hit up clubs
[22:08] Vash Feingold: random dudes
[22:08] Markus Smithson: Like you said, do it at the clubs
[22:08] Markus Smithson: yeah!
[22:08] Markus Smithson: reading my mind!
[22:09] Vash Feingold: Hit up Frank’s Club lots of white rich folks there
[22:09] Markus Smithson: Oh shit. We could extort money from them too.
[22:10] Markus Smithson: This is terrible. I love it!
[22:10] Vash Feingold: if they would give it up
[22:10] Markus Smithson: It would be funny as hell.
[22:11] Vash Feingold: Raiding clubs is always fun
[22:12] Markus Smithson: I will write-up a biography that sounds real…
[22:12] Markus Smithson: About how I was in prison for 4 years for a homicide I didn’t commit….
[22:12] Markus Smithson: and now I am turning my life around…and getting off the streets….
[22:13] Markus Smithson: so I use Second Life as a means of dealing with no longer belonging to a gang
[22:13] Vash Feingold: Haha
[22:13] Vash Feingold: This might be great.
[22:13] Markus Smithson: epic
[22:14] Markus Smithson: I will even misspell shit and have a run on sentence and shit
[22:15] Markus Smithson: i am deciding to cleen up my life soo i made this ackounts to stay out of trobel with the law from now on in mi life
[22:15] Vash Feingold: that works well
[22:15] Markus Smithson: It will take a few days, but I should have it ready by March 1
[22:18] Vash Feingold: Welp im tired
[22:18] Vash Feingold: good luck on the autobiogrpahy
[22:18] Vash Feingold: I cant wait to see it
[22:18] Vash Feingold: toss me offline IMs too
[22:18] Markus Smithson: will do
[22:19] Markus Smithson: pees brotha

Second Life: 2010: Bluntmasta VS. Broken English

September 13th, 2013 by DavidRyder

[2010/01/07 15:29] manik Tylman: caqan u plz derezz that plz
[2010/01/07 15:30] Bluntmasta Borkotron: can you try typing that in english
[2010/01/07 15:30] manik Tylman: that thing is making us lag
[2010/01/07 15:31] manik Tylman: plz derez it plz
[2010/01/07 15:31] Bluntmasta Borkotron: no, YOU plz derez it plz

Second Life <3s Dethklan

August 1st, 2013 by Dr. Gay Glenn, PhD, CEO, KBE, Esq.


[20:17] Nikki Oakshire (nikki.sharpshire): fuck off
[20:17] Helios Desmoulins: I WANNA THROW DOWN
[20:18] Nikki Oakshire (nikki.sharpshire): you stupid piece of shit
[20:21] Helios Desmoulins: That’s not nice I have the autism
[20:22] Nikki Oakshire (nikki.sharpshire): die
[20:22] Helios Desmoulins: :(
[20:24] Nikki Oakshire (nikki.sharpshire): you fucking stupid douche
[20:25] Helios Desmoulins: <3 wanna have sex?
[20:27] Nikki Oakshire (nikki.sharpshire): you are never going to have sex. not in sl of rl. you are going to die a virgin. and you know it.
[20:27] Nikki Oakshire (nikki.sharpshire): now FUCKING kill yourself
[20:27] Helios Desmoulins: Not if I rape you <3
[20:29] Nikki Oakshire (nikki.sharpshire): youd have to have a cock. which you dont.
[20:30] Helios Desmoulins: How about a dildo?

[20:34] Miss Chastity Blades (diabolich): Hello, darling.
[20:34] Helios Desmoulins: HELLO
[20:34] Miss Chastity Blades (diabolich): Are you looking to fuck?
[20:34] Miss Chastity Blades (diabolich): Please stop screaming.
[20:34] Helios Desmoulins: YES
[20:35] Miss Chastity Blades (diabolich): That can be arranged, but you must behave, darling.
[20:35] Helios Desmoulins: WHY
[20:35] Miss Chastity Blades (diabolich): Because we have rules.
[20:35] Helios Desmoulins: NO

[21:10] diamondsparkles Zsun: hello
[21:10] Helios Desmoulins: HELLO
[21:10] diamondsparkles Zsun: stop what you are doing
[21:10] Helios Desmoulins: HELP

Second Life: A broken man

February 22nd, 2013 by Buff Drinklots

[12:49] Vash Feingold: cheshboi Resident
[12:49] Vash Feingold: HEY FAGGOT
[12:50] Vash Feingold: WANNA THROW DOWN?
[12:50] Árēs (cheshboi): hey homo
[12:50] Vash Feingold: LETS DO IT NOW
[12:50] Árēs (cheshboi): aww piss off
[12:50] Vash Feingold: OH MAN BIG MAN ON CAMPUS
[12:50] Vash Feingold: B)
[12:50] Vash Feingold: I BESTED YOU BOY
[12:50] Vash Feingold: NEW RECORDHIGH SCORE
[12:50] Árēs (cheshboi): i dont care what u did ur being childish now piss off before i block u
[12:51] Árēs (cheshboi): here u go
[12:51] Vash Feingold: Want some more?
[12:51] Árēs (cheshboi): cheshboi (busy response): The Resident you messaged has blocked you from sending them any messages.
[12:51] Vash Feingold: LOL

Second Life: OPERATION: Fuckin ruin valentines 2

February 15th, 2013 by Buff Drinklots

A small raid compared to the first one, because of the lack of Love Casino mainly.

Check it out here.

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