Scam Fortress 2 3: Nakmaru’s Revenge

Nakmaru: unusual vivid plasma gatsby for the witcher 2??? Kitten Mittens: like a trade? Nakmaru: yes Kitten Mittens: sure, how do you want to do it? Nakmaru: game first Nakmaru: hat second Kitten Mittens: hmm’ Kitten Mittens: hang… Read More

Internet Mutiny: 40 pizza rolls in under 5 minutes

What a champ.

Internet Mutiny: Super Bummerman 2


Internet Mutiny: New Video Round-Up!

Here is Internet Mutiny, a collection of funny internet videos you won’t see on myspace. Funny videos on myspace are old or unfunny… Whatever. We should start with a song… Sung by our favorite A.B.A.P. balla ass person!… Read More

Internet Mutiny: Gay Ghosts