Half-Screwed: Gold Released

Here we are folks, the end of a long and fun journey. It’s been real fun, interacting with users and other modders alike. This is the final release of Half-Screwed (sans possible bug fixes). I cannot add anymore… Read More

Half-Screwed: Half-Screwed Beta 2.5 Released!

Added ShytPlay Mode Added Heavy Rain Mode Added Test Mode Added Battlecries Fixed a crash relating to playaudio Added Scientist Rockets Added Da Pit Added Credits Fixed Jihad, now you do everything with mouse1 just hold it Fixed… Read More

Half-Screwed: Patch 1 Released!

http://www.moddb.com/mods/half-screwed/news/half-screwed-update-1-news This is to get the bugs out of the way. The next update will rock your socks.

Half-Screwed is back on ModDb!


Half-Screwed: Logo Contest over; a few entries!

We’re choosing the best soon! Otherwise, stay tuned! Half-Screwed will have an actual webpage sometime as well as Dethklan will expand as well.