TTT: Ano’kimchi, So mad

May 4th, 2011 by Buff Drinklots

*DEAD* (TEAM) ano’kimchi: Hey sock
*DEAD* (TEAM) ano’kimchi: I’m KOS you ever god damn round now. Have fun
*DEAD* (TEAM) Sock Dog: Reported B)
*DEAD* (TEAM) ano’kimchi: Reported for getting rdm’d? Ok
*DEAD* (TEAM) Sock Dog: why you mad bro btw
*DEAD* (TEAM) Pbever: what did Sock Dog do?
*DEAD* (TEAM) ano’kimchi: he just killed me
*DEAD* (TEAM) ano’kimchi: for no reason
*DEAD* (TEAM) Sock Dog: RDM because he had a hissy fit and shot me last round
*DEAD* (TEAM) ano’kimchi: i didn’t kill u
*DEAD* (TEAM) ano’kimchi: gg
*DEAD* (TEAM) Sock Dog: yeah you did B)
*DEAD* (TEAM) ano’kimchi: no i didn’t

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