A Very Gmod Dikklan Christmas II: GMOD Harder

See: 2011 Every year, we load up that Garry’s Mod in time for Christmas and decide to have a treat. Take a seat and you will see of the Nightmare of Dikklan 2012. The Mayans were wrong and… Read More

TTT: Ano’kimchi, So mad

*DEAD* (TEAM) ano’kimchi: Hey sock *DEAD* (TEAM) ano’kimchi: I’m KOS you ever god damn round now. Have fun *DEAD* (TEAM) Sock Dog: Reported B) *DEAD* (TEAM) ano’kimchi: Reported for getting rdm’d? Ok *DEAD* (TEAM) Sock Dog: why you… Read More

Garry’s Mod: US_ODST dealing with gay men

US_ODST: clean up your PROPS!!!! Buff Drinklots: helo US_ODST: now ASSHOLE Buff Drinklots: ur gay US_ODST: STOP Buff Drinklots: UR GAY US_ODST: NOT ME KITTEN ASSHOLE Kitten Mittens: dude kitten assholes? Buff Drinklots: NO ITS U FUKKEN SPAMMING… Read More

Merry Christmas from Dethklan part 2

War is Hell

This raid started out pretty standard. Today we have BagOfGlass, I and our new member Ross. We were attacking a few different servers so we were at 2 places in different times. What we did is go onto… Read More