DATESIM+ Released!

Datesim HD was released last week. It was simply a remake of the 2004 game “Datesim” never more. Now, Datesim+ or “Datesim: Substance” is a new version that adds new content and shit. Included is 2 minigames, 3… Read More

DATESIM HD Released!

The HD remake of DateSim is released. In a couple weeks after finish the game, most likely, we will have DATESIM+. DATESIM+ is DATESIM HD but with extra features and other buffoonary. Simply because we want to add… Read More

DATESIM+ Release Date

The HD version of DateSim now has a release date. It is Monday, October 20th, 2008 Be stoked. Datesim+ is an HD Remake of the old 2004-2005 RPG Maker 2000 game, Datesim. It was mainly a parody on… Read More