Second Life: Christmas Coal Confirmed

December 24th, 2015 by Buff Drinklots

[11:43] Arabesque (aven.kuroe): Take your shenanigans elsewhere, please. Also, trying to fuck up the assets server in this sim, that’s rather no bueno. Even if you didn’t, the worded attempt isn’t taken lightly.
[11:44] Vash Feingold: Lmao
[11:44] Vash Feingold: go sit on a dildo
[11:44] Vash Feingold: You mad Santy claus got you coal this year?
[11:45] Arabesque (aven.kuroe): Nah, just cleaning up trash.
[11:45] Arabesque (aven.kuroe): Y’got a thousand other places to do that in.
[11:45] Vash Feingold: COAL CONFIRMED
[11:45] Vash Feingold: Youve been naughty this year little boy
[11:45] Arabesque (aven.kuroe): (busy response): N̲͉̗̯͚͓͢o̟͈͉̹̲̫ͅṭ̳͔̹͘ ̪͖͚͖̰̭̤h͓̗̪͖͡e̘̦̞̲r͔̮̱e̠͕̭͙ Please leave a message with your concerns or such and I’ll get back to you ASAP..

Second Life: Lewd PMs

January 22nd, 2015 by Buff Drinklots

[16:59] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): What the F*CK?~!
[16:59] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): dude
[16:59] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): Chocolate is nasty
[16:59] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): who the fuck are you
[16:59] SeraMuun: but i want to eat the plain one >.>
[16:59] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): He’s a B-ball player
[16:59] καпıεнтııσ ғαпɢ (shelyllarod5) whispers: XD
[16:59] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): duh
[16:59] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): GO FOR PLAIN
[17:00] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki) facepaws >.< [17:00] SeraMuun: LOL! ^-^ ur not helping [17:00] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): With pink Super Sayian hair [17:00] καпıεнтııσ ғαпɢ (shelyllarod5) is rolling on the floor lau [17:00] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): XD ikr [17:00] καпıεнтııσ ғαпɢ (shelyllarod5): everyone sit [17:00] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): He's powering up [17:00] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): faggot [17:00] καпıεнтııσ ғαпɢ (shelyllarod5): mhmm course he is [17:00] SeraMuun: LOL! ^-^ [17:00] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): He's erm... [17:00] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): he's powering up [17:00] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): and he doing gay shit [17:00] καпıεнтııσ ғαпɢ (shelyllarod5): see this is why [17:00] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): like griefing [17:00] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): 5 episodes later [17:00] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): childish pussy [17:01] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): Babe... [17:01] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): you have my hud [17:01] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): use it [17:01] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn) facepaws >.< [17:01] SeraMuun: i think i broke something [17:01] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): already on it [17:01] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): hi5 [17:01] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): Hi Paw!!! [17:01] Vash Feingold: there [17:01] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): What'd you break? [17:01] Vash Feingold: Asset server [17:01] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): That would make like [17:01] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): an awesome sound effect for a robot's walk [17:02] καпıεнтııσ ғαпɢ (shelyllarod5): whya re you here vash [17:02] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): dude why you still here [17:02] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): I think he crashed her [17:02] καпıεнтııσ ғαпɢ (shelyllarod5): FUCKING GO AWAY [17:02] Vash Feingold: You guys should marry [17:02] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): yea he did [17:02] Vash Feingold: No [17:02] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): her pc not so good [17:02] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): Her and I are getting married 😀 [17:02] καпıεнтııσ ғαпɢ (shelyllarod5): I got something for your ass [17:02] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): so yes [17:02] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): thank you. [17:02] Vash Feingold whispers: Is it a hud item [17:02] Vash Feingold whispers: ASSET SERVER HAS CRASHED [17:02] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): Oн му Gαн! (✖╭╮✖) HE and I* [17:02] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): he sounds like his mom XD [17:03] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): He* [17:03] Vash Feingold whispers: so that means you can spawn your obriters from @!))^ [17:03] Vash Feingold: 2006 [17:03] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): XD dude stfu [17:03] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): SHUT THE FUCK UP [17:03] Vash Feingold: no [17:03] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): That's kind of sad [17:03] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): pussy [17:03] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): "Orbiters from 2006' [17:03] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): Really? T_T [17:03] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): i kຖ໐ຟ ritē [17:03] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): ☆(GiGgLeSnOrTs)☆*∩‿∩* [17:03] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): he was meant to [17:03] Vash Feingold: Well did you pay like 2000L [17:03] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): SHUT THE FUCK UP [17:03] Vash Feingold: its from 2006 [17:04] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): leave faggot [17:04] Vash Feingold: no [17:04] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): only faggots say no XD [17:04] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): bitches say yea [17:04] Vash Feingold: Thats hateful [17:04] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): so which are you? [17:04] καпıεнтııσ ғαпɢ (shelyllarod5): faggot pussy ass cock motherfucker LEAVE!!!!!!! [17:04] καпıεнтııσ ғαпɢ (shelyllarod5): ugh [17:04] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): LOL! ^-^ [17:04] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): damn ɢιrl (•̪●) [17:04] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): right [17:04] καпıεнтııσ ғαпɢ (shelyllarod5): geezus I hate fucking idiots like you [17:05] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): i kຖ໐ຟ ritē [17:05] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): all they do is wanna do childish shit [17:05] καпıεнтııσ ғαпɢ (shelyllarod5): see people having fun and pussy ass niggas like you come and ruin shit [17:05] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): 8D [17:05] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): yup [17:05] καпıεнтııσ ғαпɢ (shelyllarod5): no life having muthafucka [17:05] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn) just listens, amsued [17:05] Vash Feingold: uh [17:05] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): Welcome back Sera [17:05] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): his mom prolly told him to stay [17:05] SeraMuun: why am i naked [17:05] καпıεнтııσ ғαпɢ (shelyllarod5): LEAVE!!!!!!! [17:05] Vash Feingold: I have 2 lives [17:05] Vash Feingold: thank you [17:05] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): idk [17:05] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): x.x [17:05] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): so you breat feed too? [17:05] καпıεнтııσ ғαпɢ (shelyllarod5): then why the *CENSORED* you come around and bother people [17:05] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): damn dude [17:05] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): breast* [17:06] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): Gonna relog [17:06] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): ☆(GiGgLeSnOrTs)☆*∩‿∩* brb. [17:06] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): ◕‿-。 [̲̅σ̲̅K̲̅!̲̅] ◕‿-。 [17:06] καпıεнтııσ ғαпɢ (shelyllarod5): k [17:06] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn) facepaws >.< [17:06] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): Hurry Baaack!!! [17:06] Vash Feingold: Look [17:06] Vash Feingold: You guys need to calm down [17:06] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): just go somewhere else dude [17:06] Vash Feingold: and think rationally [17:06] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): no [17:06] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): you need to [17:06] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): SHUT THE FUCK UP [17:06] καпıεнтııσ ғαпɢ (shelyllarod5): hell no [17:06] καпıεнтııσ ғαпɢ (shelyllarod5): /cereal [17:06] καпıεнтııσ ғαпɢ (shelyllarod5): 凸(⊙▂⊙✖ ) | BITCH !!╳ SDFU [17:06] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): and leave [17:06] Vash Feingold: Man you;'re just a gesture machine [17:06] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): were minding our own business trying to help Sera [17:06] Vash Feingold: Like a jack in a box but full of gestures [17:06] SeraMuun: my tail deleted itself it seems o.o [17:06] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): dude...XD leave [17:07] καпıεнтııσ ғαпɢ (shelyllarod5): AW GET THE *CENSORED* OUT OF HERE [17:07] Vash Feingold: Wow this is hateful [17:07] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): ◕‿-。 [̲̅σ̲̅K̲̅!̲̅] ◕‿-。 [17:07] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): you sera? [17:07] Vash Feingold: What did i do [17:07] Vash Feingold: Did I scare you? [17:07] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): come over here starting shit [17:07] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): no never XD [17:07] Vash Feingold: What shit did I start [17:07] SeraMuun: what's going on? [17:07] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): blaming shit on a friend of mine [17:07] Vash Feingold: Sera was sending me some lewd ims [17:07] καпıεнтııσ ғαпɢ (shelyllarod5): NOTHING JUST NOBODY WANTS YOU HERE SO LEEAVE [17:07] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): we are here teaching her about sl [17:07] Vash Feingold: I was responding [17:07] Vash Feingold: but I didnt want some of that [17:08] καпıεнтııσ ғαпɢ (shelyllarod5): NO SHE WASNT [17:08] Vash Feingold: Yeah she was [17:08] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): dude lying on a female? lame bro [17:08] Vash Feingold: I got the chatlogs [17:08] καпıεнтııσ ғαпɢ (shelyllarod5): Ò_ó Ƥfffffff ò_Ó [17:08] SeraMuun: i can't put anything on x.x [17:08] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): she is new and were trying to help her out [17:08] καпıεнтııσ ғαпɢ (shelyllarod5): THEN GIMME THEM [17:08] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): o: [17:08] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): relog [17:08] SeraMuun: k [17:08] Vash Feingold: [17:00] SeraMunn: I like your pink hair lets fuck [17:08] Vash Feingold: That sounds like sex to mew [17:08] Vash Feingold: me* [17:09] Vash Feingold: Sorry I am jerking off 2 [17:09] SeraMuun: dude ur lucky this is a game or i'd remodel ur face [17:09] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): dude we didnt need to know that [17:09] Vash Feingold: My face is top of the line [17:09] Vash Feingold: doesnt need a reemodel [17:09] Vash Feingold: Yeah Sera is pretty horny [17:09] Vash Feingold: she left [17:09] Vash Feingold: I caught her [17:09] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): ◕‿-。 [̲̅σ̲̅K̲̅!̲̅] ◕‿-。 [17:09] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): dude leave [17:10] Vash Feingold: But first a joke [17:10] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): cut the shit and just leave [17:10] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): go back over where ever you came from [17:10] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): were busy [17:10] Vash Feingold: What do you get when you cross an owl with a bungee cord? [17:10] Vash Feingold: My ass [17:10] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): Yeah... [17:10] Vash Feingold: Yall niggas better start laughin real fuckin soon [17:10] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): that's helpful. [17:10] Vash Feingold: Do you guys need help in Second Life? [17:10] SeraMuun: yeah that didn't work LOL! ^-^ [17:10] καпıεнтııσ ғαпɢ (shelyllarod5): AH *CENSORED* YOU DONT TRY ANY STUPID GRIEFING SHIT EITHER [17:11] Vash Feingold: What do you mean? [17:11] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): hmm [17:11] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): um [17:11] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): hey mimi she cant put her clothes back on [17:11] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): wait [17:11] Vash Feingold: Sorry, I have reason to believe I am scaring you [17:11] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): all of you are half dressed O: [17:11] Vash Feingold: Yeah [17:11] Vash Feingold: some lewd girls you got here [17:11] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): like i see nothing on youthree [17:11] Vash Feingold: Making my second life interesting [17:11] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): FInally I rez. [17:11] SeraMuun: go away! [17:12] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): one is my sis and the other is my woman [17:12] SeraMuun: oh there it is 😀 [17:12] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): leave bitch [17:12] Vash Feingold: Your sister is which one [17:12] Vash Feingold: Wait which is which [17:12] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): Kan [17:12] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): Sera is my friend [17:12] Vash Feingold: Hello Sera [17:12] Vash Feingold: Welcome to Second Life [17:12] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): dude fucking go away [17:13] Vash Feingold: Why [17:13] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): or were you born yesterday [17:13] Vash Feingold: I was born many years ago [17:13] Vash Feingold: but you're way of fin guessing haha! [17:13] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): you asked for this dude [17:13] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): leave dude [17:13] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): fuck [17:13] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): were busy [17:13] Vash Feingold: Asked for what [17:13] Vash Feingold: I didnt ask for anything [17:13] Vash Feingold: I asked for 2 lives, here I am on Second Life HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH [17:14] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): ugh more people [17:14] Vash Feingold: Get social in Second Life! [17:14] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): um get social? seriously? [17:14] Vash Feingold: Yes! [17:14] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): faggots like you are known to be dumbasses cause who doesnt chat with other in this game? [17:15] καпıεнтııσ ғαпɢ (shelyllarod5): but grief instead [17:15] Vash Feingold: I don't grief! [17:15] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): see what i mean [17:15] Vash Feingold: But you are [17:15] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): you just did [17:15] SeraMuun: what's going on [17:15] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): What the F*CK?~! [17:15] Vash Feingold: This is a griefing weapon that isn't deployed by me [17:15] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): he griefed us [17:15] Vash Feingold: as you can tell [17:15] Vash Feingold: This is made in 2006 [17:15] Vash Feingold: NOTE: The lack of anything happening as it particle spams. [17:16] SeraMuun: what is ur problem [17:16] Vash Feingold: Inspect the Object and you'll notice that it is not owned by me.

Second Life: Kickin’ off the new year with Markus

January 1st, 2015 by Buff Drinklots

[2014/12/31 23:22] Vash Feingold: You
[2014/12/31 23:23] Markus Smithson: Mutha fuckin yeah man.
[2014/12/31 23:23] Vash Feingold: How was your Holidays?
[2014/12/31 23:23] Markus Smithson: I be down with that shit.
[2014/12/31 23:23] Markus Smithson: It was boring.
[2014/12/31 23:23] Markus Smithson: And yours?
[2014/12/31 23:23] Vash Feingold: Pretty good
[2014/12/31 23:23] Markus Smithson: good to hear
[2014/12/31 23:23] Vash Feingold: I ordered an Oculus Rift (VR stuff)
[2014/12/31 23:24] Vash Feingold: Gonna check that out for a bit
[2014/12/31 23:24] Markus Smithson: cool
[23:26] Vash Feingold: What have you been up to?
[23:27] Markus Smithson: nothing good
[23:27] Markus Smithson: just trying to stay warm
[23:27] Markus Smithson: how about you?
[23:27] Vash Feingold: Dont we all?
[23:27] Vash Feingold: Just been in and out of working
[23:27] Vash Feingold: Right now im programming a game within Second Life
[23:27] Vash Feingold: might be big, might not be
[23:28] Markus Smithson: wow, very cool
[23:28] Markus Smithson: I always thought of you as a bit of an SL anarchist
[23:28] Vash Feingold: I wanna make cash in this game ultimately, I feel.
[23:29] Markus Smithson: A good ideal.
[23:29] Markus Smithson: But SL doesn’t seem to be what it once was.
[23:29] Markus Smithson: I think it’s a bit stale…tarnished.
[23:29] Markus Smithson: Which is a shame.
[23:29] Vash Feingold: Definitely
[23:29] Vash Feingold: but theres a (no pun intended) a second life for it
[23:29] Vash Feingold: more and more people want to escape their lives
[23:29] Markus Smithson: This is true.
[23:30] Vash Feingold: We’re moving away from those universities who wanted to incoprerate it for some reason
[23:30] Vash Feingold: and now going into people with no lives
[23:30] Markus Smithson: When you think about it, some folks are maybe born with spina bifida. So they can’t walk. In here, they can walk and run.
[23:30] Vash Feingold: Ah that’s true too
[23:31] Markus Smithson: But I think the Avatars need some upgrading.
[23:31] Vash Feingold: Its some legacy shit I think
[23:31] Markus Smithson: I was interested in making some stil shots…like digital porn.
[23:31] Markus Smithson: and I ran across a lot of shit…like digital models
[23:31] Vash Feingold: Yeah
[23:32] Vash Feingold: mesh came out
[23:32] Vash Feingold: so now you can have a good looking avatar
[23:32] Markus Smithson: yes!
[23:32] Markus Smithson: I forget the nomenclature
[23:32] Markus Smithson: but it’s something like anchors or something
[23:32] Markus Smithson: you can take a series of photographs of real models
[23:32] Markus Smithson: and make them move.
[23:32] Markus Smithson: That’s what SL needs
[23:33] Markus Smithson: hell, most video games already have it
[23:33] Vash Feingold: Definitely
[23:33] Markus Smithson: realistic looking players
[23:33] Vash Feingold: Thanks to mesh
[23:33] Vash Feingold: thats closer than ever
[23:33] Markus Smithson: yep
[23:33] Markus Smithson: SL needs it
[23:33] Markus Smithson: then it would be like a true virtual reality
[23:34] Vash Feingold: Kinect support and the like?
[23:34] Markus Smithson: yeah
[23:34] Markus Smithson: or like you said, Oculus Rift
[23:34] Markus Smithson: But not to bitch, but SL hasn’t really done anything in the past 5 years
[23:35] Markus Smithson: I am not seeing anything in the way of upgrades
[23:35] Vash Feingold: yeah they are just like sitting
[23:35] Vash Feingold: with arcaic coding
[23:36] Vash Feingold: probably some code in there undisturbed for 10 years
[23:36] Markus Smithson: exactly
[23:36] Markus Smithson: doesn’t seem to be any R&D
[23:36] Vash Feingold: other than to ban, no
[23:37] Markus Smithson: yeah
[23:38] Markus Smithson: well hey man, I am gonna get out of here…it’s 2:30 AM
[23:38] Vash Feingold: yeah
[23:38] Vash Feingold: in the new year
[23:38] Vash Feingold: breaking it in with a chat
[23:39] Vash Feingold: Whats your goal this year?
[23:39] Markus Smithson: lemme know how the new virtual reality hardware works-out
[23:39] Vash Feingold: and I will
[23:39] Markus Smithson: to lose weight!
[23:39] Vash Feingold: Good one!
[23:39] Vash Feingold: For me it’s money
[23:39] Markus Smithson: indeed!
[23:39] Vash Feingold: or to get rid of bullshit in my life
[23:39] Markus Smithson: money helps too
[23:39] Vash Feingold: anyway get some sleep
[23:39] Markus Smithson: thanks
[23:39] Markus Smithson: later!
[23:39] Vash Feingold: Cheers
[23:40] Markus Smithson is Offline

Second Life: SJW Invasion

December 28th, 2014 by Buff Drinklots

What triggered this chat log is a first life description shown below:

[13:39] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): How’s the homophobia going?
[13:39] (You): No idea.
[13:39] (You): Send a corporate mail.
[13:39] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): Really?
[13:39] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): It’s in your profile.
[13:40] (You): Uh?
[13:40] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): In your profile.
[13:40] (You): You lost me.
[13:41] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): ur a faget
[13:41] (You): Oh ok.
[13:41] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): under 1st life
[13:41] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): Is that ok?
[13:41] (You): I think so?
[13:41] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): It’s up to you.
[13:42] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): Are you a racist as well?
[13:42] (You): Still not following yo.
[13:42] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): It’s a slur.
[13:42] (You): We are in the internet.
[13:43] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): Are you a person of color?
[13:43] (You): did you escape from tumblr?
[13:43] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): hahahah
[13:43] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): Clearly that makes such sense.
[13:44] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): I’m telling you that if you give a
[13:44] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): shit, that’s offensive and homophobic.
[13:44] (You): Considering I’m from Mexico, Maybe I should consider you racist.
[13:44] (You): And I’ll call the racist card on you.
[13:44] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): Find something in my profile to support that.
[13:44] (You): I don’t need to do that.
[13:45] (You): I’ll derive that from how are yo acting right now
[13:45] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): So you are just ignorant?
[13:45] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): How the hell would I know what race you are?
[13:45] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): I know you are a homophobe because you wrote it.
[13:45] (You): Sorry Ma’am, but this isn’t your hugbox.
[13:46] (You): So please go back to tumblr.
[13:46] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): Honestly, idiots bore me. Later asshole.

Second Life: Markus is alive 2014

February 20th, 2014 by Buff Drinklots

[21:44] Vash Feingold: MARKUS
[21:44] Vash Feingold: I thoguht you were long gone
[21:45] Markus Smithson: the reports of my demise have been widely exaggerated
[21:45] Vash Feingold: Still kicking ass?
[21:46] Markus Smithson: as much as possible. absolutely
[21:46] Vash Feingold: What brings you back onto Second Life?
[21:46] Markus Smithson: blissful mayhem
[21:46] Markus Smithson: the usual pervercities
[21:46] Markus Smithson: and you?
[21:46] Vash Feingold: Force is dead, yo.
[21:46] Vash Feingold: I saw you on, on the website.
[21:46] Markus Smithson: what have you been up to?
[21:47] Markus Smithson: oh yeah
[21:47] Vash Feingold: Programming mostly, worked an entire grueling summer
[21:47] Markus Smithson: nice
[21:47] Markus Smithson: sounds interesting
[21:52] Markus Smithson: I see that you are black now.
[21:52] Markus Smithson: I guess that’s hip again?
[21:52] Vash Feingold: My First Life picture is a lie
[21:52] Vash Feingold: I grabbed that off smeone else
[21:52] Markus Smithson: Shoulda gotten something scary.
[21:52] Markus Smithson: lemme see
[21:52] Markus Smithson: I will find you one.
[21:54] Markus Smithson:
[21:55] Markus Smithson: oh wow, long ass URL
[21:55] Vash Feingold: Urban people?
[21:55] Markus Smithson: exactly
[21:55] Markus Smithson: trying to find you a scary black man photo
[21:55] Markus Smithson: I should do that myself…create a new ME
[21:56] Markus Smithson: and put some bullshit stuff on it
[21:56] Markus Smithson: about how I was in “the big house” for 10 years for a triple homicide
[21:56] Markus Smithson: but my public defender attorneys got me out
[21:57] Vash Feingold: Somehow some way, I am a free man
[21:57] Markus Smithson: we could go around scaring the shit out of people on SL
[21:57] Markus Smithson: pick people at random and approach them and say…
[21:58] Markus Smithson: “Hey man. I heard you were trying to hit on my woman. And I don’t like that shit.”
[21:58] Markus Smithson: “Muther Fucker. I am pissed at you right now.”
[21:58] Vash Feingold: At clubs haha
[21:58] Markus Smithson: “And this aint no bull shit secondlike fucking shit either man.
[21:59] Markus Smithson: I talked to your friends and I know where you live …”
[21:59] Vash Feingold: hahaa
[21:59] Vash Feingold: You’ll scare em, Markus
[21:59] Markus Smithson: I will need to creatte a new acount
[22:00] Markus Smithson: Markus something or other
[22:00] Markus Smithson: and post a stolen RL photo of a triple murderer
[22:04] Second Life: Markus Smithson started a voice call
[22:04] Second Life: You joined the voice call
[22:04] Vash Feingold: soundboard?
[22:04] Vash Feingold: voice morpher?
[22:05] Markus Smithson: you like?
[22:05] Vash Feingold: sounds legit
[22:05] Markus Smithson: I thought so
[22:06] Markus Smithson: See man? You inspire me!
[22:06] Vash Feingold: Inspire? Haa
[22:06] Markus Smithson: Hell yeah. Now I have a new hobby on SL!
[22:06] Markus Smithson: Scaring the shit out of people!
[22:07] Markus Smithson: I can use the same script to start each time…
[22:07] Markus Smithson: “Hey man. My girlfriend Vanessa said you were hitting on her in here a few days ago….”
[22:08] Markus Smithson: So is that true?”
[22:08] Markus Smithson: Then the real shit starts
[22:08] Vash Feingold: haha
[22:08] Vash Feingold: hit up clubs
[22:08] Vash Feingold: random dudes
[22:08] Markus Smithson: Like you said, do it at the clubs
[22:08] Markus Smithson: yeah!
[22:08] Markus Smithson: reading my mind!
[22:09] Vash Feingold: Hit up Frank’s Club lots of white rich folks there
[22:09] Markus Smithson: Oh shit. We could extort money from them too.
[22:10] Markus Smithson: This is terrible. I love it!
[22:10] Vash Feingold: if they would give it up
[22:10] Markus Smithson: It would be funny as hell.
[22:11] Vash Feingold: Raiding clubs is always fun
[22:12] Markus Smithson: I will write-up a biography that sounds real…
[22:12] Markus Smithson: About how I was in prison for 4 years for a homicide I didn’t commit….
[22:12] Markus Smithson: and now I am turning my life around…and getting off the streets….
[22:13] Markus Smithson: so I use Second Life as a means of dealing with no longer belonging to a gang
[22:13] Vash Feingold: Haha
[22:13] Vash Feingold: This might be great.
[22:13] Markus Smithson: epic
[22:14] Markus Smithson: I will even misspell shit and have a run on sentence and shit
[22:15] Markus Smithson: i am deciding to cleen up my life soo i made this ackounts to stay out of trobel with the law from now on in mi life
[22:15] Vash Feingold: that works well
[22:15] Markus Smithson: It will take a few days, but I should have it ready by March 1
[22:18] Vash Feingold: Welp im tired
[22:18] Vash Feingold: good luck on the autobiogrpahy
[22:18] Vash Feingold: I cant wait to see it
[22:18] Vash Feingold: toss me offline IMs too
[22:18] Markus Smithson: will do
[22:19] Markus Smithson: pees brotha

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