Second Life: Lewd PMs

[16:59] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): What the F*CK?~! [16:59] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): dude [16:59] Nɑnɑmi Ԍɑlhɑm (sammilyn): Chocolate is nasty [16:59] کtʀɑtɑ Ԍɑlhɑm (mochizuuki): who the fuck are you [16:59] SeraMuun: but i want to eat the plain one… Read More

Second Life: Kickin’ off the new year with Markus

[2014/12/31 23:22] Vash Feingold: You [2014/12/31 23:23] Markus Smithson: Mutha fuckin yeah man. [2014/12/31 23:23] Vash Feingold: How was your Holidays? [2014/12/31 23:23] Markus Smithson: I be down with that shit. [2014/12/31 23:23] Markus Smithson: It was boring…. Read More

Second Life: SJW Invasion

What triggered this chat log is a first life description shown below: [13:39] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): How’s the homophobia going? [13:39] (You): No idea. [13:39] (You): Send a corporate mail. [13:39] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): Really? [13:39] Jilly (boiboi.jillybean): It’s in… Read More

Second Life: Markus is alive 2014

[21:44] Vash Feingold: MARKUS [21:44] Vash Feingold: I thoguht you were long gone [21:45] Markus Smithson: the reports of my demise have been widely exaggerated [21:45] Vash Feingold: Still kicking ass? [21:46] Markus Smithson: as much as possible…. Read More

Second Life <3s Dethklan

[20:17] Nikki Oakshire (nikki.sharpshire): fuck off [20:17] Helios Desmoulins: I WANNA THROW DOWN [20:18] Nikki Oakshire (nikki.sharpshire): you stupid piece of shit [20:21] Helios Desmoulins: That’s not nice I have the autism [20:22] Nikki Oakshire (nikki.sharpshire): die [20:22]… Read More