AnimeButtstown 2012: Remember, no neigh


Lots of fun, holy shit. I finally got well enough to write this post-animeboston post. As far as videos and shit goes, now I am starting to looking into the videos we shot. Fuck, if even did. Fags… Read More

AnimeBoston 2010 updates their hotel page and Dethklan goes completely apeshit

Today, AnimeBoston updated the hotel information and such so that it shows the prices and the reservation block info. Then Dethklan fucking goes completely apeshit. Of course, this is a minor setback from previous prices from PAX East,… Read More

Dethklan @ PortConMaine DVD announced!

Today I am announcing that Dethklan @ PortConMaine DVDs are gonna be. That means you get higher-than-youtube-quality video. You will also have a look at all of the deleted scenes that were too bad to even put on… Read More

PortConMaine 2009 Part 1 Released!

Start things off with the simple Part 1. Part 2 is gonna rule.