AnimeBoston 2010 updates their hotel page and Dethklan goes completely apeshit

Today, AnimeBoston updated the hotel information and such so that it shows the prices and the reservation block info. Then Dethklan fucking goes completely apeshit. Of course, this is a minor setback from previous prices from PAX East, about 68 dollars worth. To top it all off, which is no biggie, you have to be 21+ to reserve, but we happen to have the greatest nigga, Spark. Who by his age (and lack of babies) can reserve it. Which is good.

The NEW prices, extra shit and everything has been calculated and SHOULD be the final goal for all prices for all you listed. Why they are about 68+ Dollars more than PAX East is beyond me. But hey, at least it isn’t as bad we thought.

Speaking of going bananas and no not Danny’s infamous ‘goin bananas’ Ball Race, I recently bought The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition on Steam and I must say, this is the best 10 dollars to spend. I ran into a bug where I had the verb menu up, while doing an action, switch the action, which made the game crash and my last savegame was about 2 hours ago, which made me sad. But I THINK there’s an autosave, I hope.

We’ll keep you posted.

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