Second Life: I’m smart!

[10:32] Jamison Melody: Hows that, u steaming? B)
[10:32] Delilla Resident: nope jsut smart and know a griefer when i see one
[10:32] Jamison Melody: How am I a griefer
[10:33] Jamison Melody: Tell me
[10:33] Jamison Melody: Please
[10:33] Delilla Resident: playing with your silly toys
[10:33] Jamison Melody: That sounds sexual, pervert
[10:33] Jamison Melody: Dont tell me to shove a daffy duck dildo up my ass
[10:33] Jamison Melody: or else im mad
[10:33] Delilla Resident: probably the only big weopan you go
[10:33] Delilla Resident: lmao wtf you sure your not underage
[10:34] Jamison Melody: UR STUPID

jsut smart alright.

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